I’m far from a chocoholoic but when the grocery store isles are filled with pink and red boxes of heart shaped cocoa goodness I have a hard time evading the chocolate fever.

But I am attempting to be sensible and eat that way as well. So the cure= No Pudge! Fudge Brownie Mix

Maybe you have seen this little pink box with the thin pig on it at the store:


I don’t always uses mixes to bake ( I promise). But when I want to know exactly how many calories I are consuming in getting my chocolate fix. . .well this little box comes in handy. All it takes is some plain or vanilla yogurt. I chose Wegmans’ vanilla light nonfat yogurt.

It makes for a very gooey batter but a gooey batter means a moist brownie.

The best thing is that each little chocolate square is only 100 calories!!! For you weight watchers out there that is only 2/3 points!


Plus I’m always a big fan of knowing how to pronounce the ingredients in my food so:


I apologize if that is a little hard to read but ingredients are: pure cane sugar, unbleached wheat flour, dutch cocoa, egg whites, cornstarch, wheat gluten, salt and baking soda-that’s it!

Obviously it is not gluten free-but it is barley free!

And I decided in the spirit of those chocolate hearts at the store to do some creative cutting:


There wasn’t enough space to make them all into hearts so the rest I made into brownie bites. And obviously by getting creative with shaping they are not all 100 calories (the small hearts and brownie bites are probably 50/60 each, the bigger hearts closer to 150 each).

The great thing is they have other flavors too: raspberry, mint, even cappuccino!

So what do you do when you have a craving? Do you give in? Find a happy medium/substitute?  Or do you have incredible will-power?

3 thoughts on “February is synonymous with chocolate right?

  1. I try not to eat sweets because I restrict my daughters intake of sweets. I feel its fair that when I eat they eat. So if I ate all the time they would eat all the time and that isn’t right for two little kids (2 and a half and 1) to consume so much sweets. So that’s my will power right there. I am trying to prevent my daughters from struggling with overweight and obesity issues like I have my whole life.

  2. I have seen the red boxes with pretty ribbons in the store. I know all those sweets make me sick. You reminded me I bought some gluten free brownie mix at Bob’s Red Mill for this season of sweets. Guess I know what I am doing this weekend!

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