I miss my old life  . . . but l enjoy my new one

It’s funny what you think you’ll miss versus what you actually do. When I was eighteen away at college I missed my friends, my house, and my parents. But this is a whole different type of homesickness. I miss my old life.

I had a very full life in SoCal.

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I miss:

Coffee talks with friends at Coffee Klatch or  Classic Coffee

Unknown 2    Unknown 1

Hosting prayer time and events with college students from Life Pacific College

Going out to eat for a weekly catch-up with my parents

Knowing all the street names and not having to get directions

Going to get Korean BBQ in LA at O-Dae San and Yogurtland with our LPC friends


My jobs at ELS La Verne, the writing center at Azusa Pacific University, and  tutoring

Unknown7Unknown 8

Working with and learning from the international community

Calories being posted on every menu when you got out to eat

Going to get my mani-pedis with my mom


Easy access to my comfort foods: Thai Curry and Mexican Food

images 3Unknown 9

Getting snacks from Trader Joe’s

Unknown 3

Finding excuses to get a The Cake Mamas‘ cupcake


Yet I remember also what I do not miss:

How chaotic my life schedule was

How much I struggled working around or with Luke’s night shifts

Not getting enough time to myself or with God.

The constant noises: trains, helicopters, airplanes, neighbor’s dogs, ambulances and police cars

The lack of any semblance of routine

My stress level with school, job, dating, or just balancing it all

Not being spiritually fed

Struggling to find time for hobbies or exercise

The blistering hot days and asthma inducing smog

The traffic

(no need for pics of those )

A lot of the things we did not enjoy about the LA area and our place in life we kept in mind in praying for our next location. So to end this on an encouraging note:

What I enjoy about where I live now:

A great church where I am being challenged on Sunday mornings Victory Highway

images 6

A rented-home to ourselves


A routine that includes Luke having a regularly scheduled salary job

A guarantee that I can see Luke each day

No traffic

No loud neighborhood noises

Clear and crisp hair

Hiking and camping locations close by

Several big and small lakes to explore or kayak

images 9
I’m looking forward to posting my own picture that look like this in the fall

Hills and rivers running through town

Finding time to exercise at the Ymca


Finding time for starting up old hobbies (like blogging) or learning new ones

Getting enough quiet time alone or with God

Good sushi Tuna II, Chinese Corning Class, and Indian food Thali of India close by

Unknown 5  Unknown6

Most of all we are enjoying the adventure of being on our own, knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be

8 thoughts on “I miss my old life

  1. I am glad and excited for your new life, but I dislike having returned into it and “losing”you. I have so many things to tell you. That I simply want to do in person.

  2. There’s a good chance I’ll be moving to NY this summer, so it’s good to know it’s not completely terrible over there. Just kidding. I’m sure it’s beautiful and has a charm of it’s own, I’m just sad that it’s so far. Btw, how did you get all your stuff over there?

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