I love to stay organized.

I always have a monthly calendar, an organizer, and sticky notes to put on my computer, bedroom mirror, or car dashboard. If someone begins to list more than 3 steps or ingredients to me-my hands start itching to find pen and paper (just ask my parents or previous roommates).

Luke loathes making lists, and only will if he is absolutely overwhelmed. Otherwise the lists can make him feel overwhelmed. He makes fun of how excited I get when I receive pens and sticky notes in my Christmas stocking.

But when we got married and Luke started his new job I knew we needed some way to stay organized. The answer: the fridge.


    In my search for organization I went to Target and found whiteboard calendars from a division of Mead called organizher.

I bought a weekly calendar that we keep on the freezer door. I told Luke this is the one he should look at. On it I will write Home, or Out so he knows if I am driving him to work/taking the car for the day (did I mention before that we currently share a car). I also list what days/times we plan to exercise or any important events during the week.


Also every Sunday night we decide on our home-cooked dinners for the week and write them out on the weekly calendar.  We have made a few favored repeats in the last few months but still enjoy changing it up and seeing new recipes works.

Then on the fridge door is the monthly calendar. I told Luke this is the one he doesn’t have to look at. Here I write down holidays, big events, and my blog schedule (yes I confess I have on of those too).


We keep a green super sticky Post-it Notes pad for a grocery list on the freezer door. If there are any events we have tickets to or have a flyer for we are apt to stick that to the freezer door with a magnet. My favorite magnet is one from a friend of Pikes Place Market in Seattle.


Also, on the side of the microwave we keep a list of business or serious talks we want to have. That way we can plan when to talk and feel prepared going into the discussion.

But I think Luke’s favorite form of fridge-communication is seeing my blue mixing bowl on top of the fridge. This means baked goodies, usually muffins, for breakfast.


The current baked treats are carrot-apple oatmeal muffins.


What does your fridge communicate?

Do you post an emergency contacts list, your children’s drawings, pictures of friends or family, notes/reminders to roommates, letter or word magnets to spell out funny poems or messages?

Do you own any fun or funky magnets shaped like fruit, sushi, or vintage pictures with sarcastic sayings?

Please feel free to share pictures.

9 thoughts on “What the Fridge tells Us

  1. From the title I thought you might be writing about some of the nasty contents often found in refrigerators I.e. things that were sprouting green hair. What a relief to know your blog was about the outside contents that helped your quest for organization and communication! Very enjoyable blog!

    1. Thanks! I work hard to not allow anything to grow green hair in the fridge. 🙂 I have become extremely conscious of not wasting food even if it means finding a new purpose for it (ex: bread to breadcrumbs) or getting creative with dinners to include foods so they don’t go bad-a new way of looking at leftovers I guess.

  2. Love your calendar ideas to stay on top of what is happening in each other’s lives. Very ogranized, which Luke, even though he might not say it, I bet is relieved to know someone is doing it! :>) We keep pictures of people to pray for, which come from the Christmas cards we receive. We use a bulletin board in the wash/dryer area for things you have on the front of your fridge. Except we have a small spiral notebook for lists and some how it does not always get back up on the bulletin board :>) Hmm…time to reorganize.

  3. Haha this made me laugh when you talked about getting excited about receiving office supplies! That’s SOOOO me! I seriously love it! Glad you are organized and I got some good tips from you!

    I have sushi magnets lol

  4. Sounds like some of your mothers traits have brushed off on you. Good ones. Enjoyed reading about your making the lists.

  5. The contents on the fridge contain mostly the pictures of my daughters from daycare doing various different projects. Some of their artwork. A picture of myself and my brothers from four years ago. My own artwork from 6 years ago and doctor appointment notices. Love love your fridge. I also would like a muffin please. lol

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