Yesterday as I went about my normal errands I began to get a  migraine. The type that blurs your vision as a warning before the blinding pain hits. I was already at the grocery store and determined to get in and get out before too much trouble. Yet I had to consciously move and read labels up close so I did not create a grocery-cart accident or buy the wrong flavor of yogurt. Before I left the store, my vision returned and the pain began to creep in. With focus I got out to my car and put away the groceries.

As I scanned the parking lot for a place to return my cart, I saw an older man with a white beard and hat do the same. He turned around and seeing me said he would take my cart for me. I was surprised at this small act of kindness and said a very grateful “thank you” with a genuine smile. When I got in my car he saw me and gave me the clear signal so I knew I could back out.

Those two acts of kindness were small and random but they helped me relax a little until I could get home and take some medicine for the headache.

When I got home I realized it was Random Acts of Kindness week! Whether the man was living out a New Years Resolution, a personal Random Act of Kindness for the week, or being his complete self I don’t know. I’d like to think it was the last. In some ways it is sad that humans are so selfish that we need new years resolutions and weeks to promote random acts of kindness in order to see people be kind!

But I am not dismissing the work of the Random Acts of Kindness organization. In fact, if you or your company are doing a Random Act of Kindness this week you can share your stories here on my blog and/or their website (just click on their title in orange above).


2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I am doing this. Little random challenges that we get from the Ellen show. I’ve complimented outfits and made people smile and told someone they inspire me.
    Keep the blog going Amanda makes me feel like you are close.

  2. I like to think of these people as Angels in Disguise. They seem to “know” when others are oblivious that an extra hand would be appreciated. Praying you escape the migranes. Not much fun.

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