Happy Valentines Day!

 Whether you have plans with your special someone, a blind date, friends, your roommates,  your family, co-workers, or yourself enjoy!


And if you are on your own this V-day (aka singles-awareness day) remember it doesn’t mean you are not loved. Try giving yourself a little “you” time, treat yourself to a nice dinner/dessert, it is important to learn to love yourself too!

(Trust me this is said from some years of experience).

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Luke! You are becoming quite a baker and a blogger! Please keep your posts coming as I really enjoy them!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to Luke and you! Much love being sent your way. And I must come by someday to have a piece of freshly baked pie (I’m a pie lover too!)
    This year I have no one, but I have peace of mind and that is a gift I’ll take over being in the wrong relationship again. I did get two beautiful daughters and for that I’m grateful.

  3. What did you do for Valentines Day?

    Luke and I had a night in. We decided to celebrate this weekend by using a Christmas gift card we got to Sergio’s a restaurant downtown Corning that has gluten free options! Thanks Tom and Fawnia!

    He brought home a white rose for me yesterday-I told him it was appreciate but not expected.

    What mattered more to me was that he took longer getting home because he went to fill up the gas tank. He knew I was taking the car today for errands. On top of that he bleached/cleaned our dish drying rack (which I hadn’t gotten to), did the dishes, and when he traipsed leaves into the kitchen swept it all up.

    Yup it is the small stuff like this that matters more to me then the flowers (even though they are pretty).

    What is your Valentines day story?

  4. What a beautiful dessert. Hope you had a lovely day. I was invited to the APU luncheon that they have every year for single women on Valentines day. It was very nice and the speaker was very good.

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