My subtitle for the category: Transcend, is: learning what it’s like to live nut-free, barley-free, and judgment free.

To transcend as my Transcend page states is:

a : to rise above or go beyond the limits of

b : to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of overcome

So far I have provided some yummy examples of how I choose to transcend my barley allergy. In the future I will do the same with my tree nut allergy. But I thought it was time that I explain what I meant by learning to transcend judgment, or how I plan to become judgment-free.

This is a very honest and at times vulnerable portion of my blogging, which I hope, may be encouraging to others.

I over the years have learned (for the most part) to not judge others. I humbly recognize that is not my place or role. By doing so I have opened myself up to the freedom to love, forgive, and show patience and grace to others. What I have yet to explore is how to attain the same freedom for myself.

It is true what they say that we are our own worst enemy and our harshest critic. (To be clear I’m not sure who they is. The reason I mention this is because a good friend and ex-roommate of mine always asked that question: who is they?)

Displaying patience or any of those other qualities to other people is one thing; showing them to yourself: well .  . . that is another.

This is just an introduction I will in the future delve deeper into what this portion of the transcend journey looks like. I plan to do this (as you may have guessed) through addressing ways I am learning to find freedom to attain the qualities of love, forgiveness, patience, and grace for myself.

Whether you are a self-critic or have “been there done that” I hope you find my stories, experiences, and journey to be compelling and encouraging.

Any initial thoughts on my launch of this portion of the blog?

Any words of encouragement from those whom have “been there done that”?

Overall, I would encourage you to be honest and vulnerable, like I will be-it will always be appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Judgement-Free Living: An Introduction

  1. I applaud how brave you are being. It is one thing to be vulnerable with a small group of people, even a classroom full of people. It is a totally different vulnerability to go viral.

  2. Anyone can say “been there done that” but the truth is, it is a lifelong journey. Perhaps lost of people have “been there” but they certainly have not necessarily “done that” – forgiveness, grace, patience and love for oneself is never an easy task. I also find that those qualities are sometimes difficult to muster for others. Living judgment free is a fantastic goal and what we are called to do. The trick is to keep doing it, bit by bit, day by day for our entire lives. Thanks for sharing these posts. I look forward to learning more from and about you and watch your journey unfold.

    1. You are right! Learning to live judgement-free is a life-long journey! I am just beginning on this journey and recognize that many others have “been there” and are further down the road just as there are some who are walking next to me in this. Even though there is no “done that” to this it is important to as you said bit by bit or one step at a time-thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!

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