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This past holiday weekend (federal=holiday for us) we went to an Italian restaurant in the Gaffer District  called Sorge’s. We were given a gift card to this local family-run business by close friends of Luke. Open for 62 years, Sorge’s is known for their homemade pasta. In fact in the summer of 2011 they made it into Guinness World Records book for the world’s longest egg noodle!

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We took advantage of their weekend special: pasta and salad bar buffet with a complimentary glass of wine (hard to turn down). You never know what you are getting with a buffet, but the food was great! Since my trip to Italy I can tell when pasta or noodles come from a box or are homemade. With Sorges there was no question, I could tell they make their own pasta noodles.


The buffet included three Italian cheese ravioli, stuffed cheese manicotti, veal and spinach cantaloni, cavatelli (similar to gnocchi), cheese and vegetable lasagna, and meatballs in meat sauce (am I making you hungry?) We were also given the option of white or burgundy house wine and served warm bread at the table with olive oil and seasoning .


Sorges also offers a Gluten-free Menu  including an alternative pasta made with corn and several yummy gluten-free desserts.


Their service was great, in-spite of how busy they were. And as I looked around I  saw large families enjoying a meal out, couples on dates, and friends catching up. You could tell this is a family-oriented comfortable place where people can be themselves and enjoy some great pasta.


When we left we decided (in a belated Valentine’s day celebration) to pick up some wine to enjoy with our homemade pie. When we went into the liquor store  (wine isn’t sold in grocery stores here) we were surprised to find a large selection from local wineries. We found one of the wineries we’d given an score of 8 at the wine tasting at 2300 degrees: Bully Hill Vineyards. So we took home a bottle of their goat white and a bottle of love my goat their red wine which we had tasted before.IMG_2725IMG_2724

(The white rose was from Luke for Valentines day.)

Cheers to a more than successful local date-night out!

8 thoughts on “Sorge’s: local food and wine

  1. Yes, you did make me hungry! You did what I was hoping you would after your blog on your new hometown: That was to write about some of the businesses in the downtown area. Perhaps you will show us some of the other establishments in future blogs.

    1. I do plan to continue my local events/places blogs as we explore. Some weekends we “stay-in” but other times we feel the need to get out. I hope that as we explore I can provide those far away with a small pictures of our new world here and those nearby with an opportunity to check out where we have been!

  2. The food looked fantastic. You got some great pictures. Yes, it did make me hungry and wishing I could eat all that. Gulten free menu, how progressive. The dessert looked like “death by chocolate” my favorite! Your dates nights have caused me to ask, “What happended to ours?” The response I got, “We have not been to the coast in a long time. Set it up!” So thank you Amanda and Luke!!

    1. Good to know that you are a chocolate fan! You know how much Luke loves his pasta too. I am glad that our date-nights are inspiring you to find some time for some date-nights also!

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