“The future is a blessing to be embraced; not a curse to be controlled”

This is a quote I wrote a few days ago.

As I begin my job-search here in New York I feel myself dealing with emotions of fear and hope about the future. It is hard not knowing the details of what type of job I will get or when.

But the future is not something I can control. It is not this unknown curse or beast of a burden I must bear or subdue.  

I have now, I have today and the future-well that is not mine. The future is something I can look forward to. I can choose to be grateful my life will continue beyond today.

I choose to accept/embrace the blessing that I have a future. 

What does this quote say to you?

4 thoughts on ““The future is …

  1. Oh, how we run around yelling, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling!” trying to control the future. Too often we miss the blessings of today. And when the future becomes “the now” we turn and wonder where the years went. How much better we’d be spending our energy finding the extraordinary blessings in living our life for today.

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