Not only is this our first married Easter but also the first year together that we are not putting on some big BBQ, brunch, or Easter Egg hunt. Instead it will be just the two of us enjoying the 50 degree weather and a peaceful brunch at home of hot cross buns and berry salad! (For the recipe click here!).

As I wrote awhile ago I decorate a manzanita tree (left over wedding decor) for each holiday.  So here’s my Holiday Tree! all decorated for Easter! (to see my tree decorated for other holidays click here!).


The mini hanging mason jars are filled with colorful jellybeans with a vanilla votive in the center. Fresh spring carrots are sticking out of the green moss and a quilted easter egg hangs from the tree. And all this is tied up with a festive ribbon picturing Easter eggs and chicks in green grass.

The two plastic Easter eggs next to the tree I brought back with me from a Easter Egg hunt in old Jerusalem during my semester abroad in 2010. For more on that story click here!


Whether you are hosting brunch, having a park picnic, holiday dinner, or hiding (or finding) eggs in your backyard I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!

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