We all have those nights. Sometimes once a week, or every other week, where there is enough food left over in the fridge to make a meal. So we get creative and have a mismatched dinner.

The Greene’s don’t often make big enough portions of any meal for it to be “left over” for long. But we will have veggies or fruits left unused from the past week’s meals that are still fresh but need to be eaten soon. These are our leftovers.

Usually this occurs Monday night. (After the weekend and before I hit the store).

So what do you do with leftover fruits and veggies? We get creative. Two common ingredients left over alongside the veggies or fruits are potatoes or eggs (or both). This particular leftover night we had potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes left in the fridge.


So the zucchini and potatoes went in the cast iron skillet with some parmesan and olive oil to pan-fry.


I then mixed the tomatoes with garlic, pepper, salt, and beat in a few eggs.


Then I poured the egg mix into a pan and added spinach and cheese, making a messy (but tasty) omelet.


Together it made for a easy brinner (breakfast for dinner) veggie delight.


This is not our only leftover meal. If we have pasta and sauce, then it is a veggie pasta dish. If we have an abundance of potatoes, we eat baked potatoes with a steamed veggie medley on top. If it’s eggs, we make an omelet or scramble. If there is fruit, then we have a berry salad or a smoothie for dessert.

The options are endless. As I come across more I will try to post them. Our leftover meals are almost always vegetarian,   barley-free, and sometimes gluten-free.

How does your family define leftovers?

What do you do with leftover food in the fridge?

What is your favorite creative leftover dish?

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