Wednesday nights we have been going to a budget class at church. It has been helpful to get Luke and I on the same page about where/how we spend, save, and invest. But the class starts at 6:30pm and Luke often doesn’t get off work until 6:00pm if he is lucky.

In an effort to save money, and our health, on these busy weeknights I make a one dish dinner. So as Luke drives home from work I quickly put together the meal so by the time he comes in the door I’m ready to grab the lunchpail and head to class.


There are several meals I can make from home quickly. One of them is mushroom and spinach white cheddar pasta.


For this meal I actually use a box of Annie’s shells and white cheddar.


 I don’t often use boxes, but with simple ingredients like this, how can I go wrong? Annie’s has many organic products. They also have gluten-free rice white cheddar shells that are just as tasty!


After cooking the pasta I add the packaged sauce, a little milk, parmesan, and melt in some mozzarella cheese.


Once the cheese has melted, I add in the mushrooms to cook until tender, then last of all the spinach.


Once it is all cooked and warm it goes into the tupperware containers (Luke is the bigger one). Then I fill up a bottle of water to share, thrown in some napkins, forks and dinner is ready on the go.


Plus when I get home there isn’t a huge mess to clean up. Just one pot and our tupperware. Sometimes it is fun to make challenging new recipes other times you have to do what is easy, simple, and fast.

Some of the other meals for these Wednesday nights are: teriyaki bowls and burrito bowls. Maybe sometime soon I’ll write about those too. 🙂

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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