BBQ Teriyaki Bowl

So summer is coming. One day I am getting sun-burnt on a cold windy day at the park, the next I am turning the heat on staring at the rain outside, and yesterday and today have been humid and in the 90’s! As the weather warms up, the desire to use the oven becomes less. So I thought I’d share an easy oven-less meal with you: BBQ Teriyaki Bowl.


Living in the northwest during college I learned to love teriyaki. Even before then, teriyaki night at my parent’s was one of my favorite meals. Now I’ve been working on my own version. The original recipe for the marinade/teriyaki sauce came from a good friend from Japan whom I tutored in English for two years.  I have been using some version of it since. This recipe will feed two and portions are only suggestions.



1 to 2 cups cut broccoli

1 to 1 1/2 cups uncooked minute brown rice

2 to 3 Tbs soy sauce (I use gluten-free)

3 Tbs white sugar or honey

1/8 to 1/4 cup mayonaise or plain greek yogurt


1.  Wash and prepare the chicken breasts

2. Combine soy sauce, mayonaise (yogurt), and sugar (honey) in a small bowl and whisk together. If you are going to substitute the sugar for honey you may want to taste-test to see if you want it sweeter or not. Different people like their teriyaki sweeter than others.

3. Place chicken breasts in large ziplock bag. Pour the small bowl of teriyaki sauce into the bag. Place chicken in the fridge to marinade for an hour before cooking or even over night.

4. Warm up and stick the chicken on the BBQ. If it is raining/cold out and you prefer to cook indoors, you can also pan fry the chicken in a medium pan on high heat.


5. While the chicken is cooking, steam the broccoli and cook the rice. I use minute rice  because I find it easy.


Layer the bowl rice first,


then broccoli


placing the chicken breast on top.


We will also put some sriracha hot sauce and/or more soy sauce on the table in case we want to add it to the bowl.


Then Enjoy!

Glass Fest!!


Glass Fest, a four day festival in the Gaffer District, is downtown Corning’s biggest annual festival. It kicked off Thursday with the last  2300 degrees event of the season during which the Corning Glass museum is open to the public for a free concert and glass art demonstrations. Friday night started Rock the Park, a weekend series of free outdoor concerts at the Riverfront Centennial Park. Meanwhile, much like Cabin Fever the stores on Market street were open from 5pm-8pm for wine and beer tasting.

The big events hit Saturday starting with the Glass Fest 8K run in the morning. This was followed by day long art exhibits, live glassmaking demonstrations in Centerway square, and promotions in all the stores on Market street.


Our adventure with Glassfest started Saturday afternoon. We bundled up for an unusually windy Memorial Day weekend. Walking down the center of Market street, we scoped out some of the vendors and sales in the antique stores: vintage colorful glass and pyrex, free face painting, puppet shows, and of course every possible unhealthy treat from deep fried goods to chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick. After sampling some local mustards, cheese, jam, and salsas we went to the Rockwell Museum of Western Art which was free to the public for the festival.

The Rockwell Museum of Western Art was started by local business owners Bob and Hertha Rockwell who collected Western art and artifacts and donated them for the museum now established in  Corning’s refurbished old City Hall.


I was happy to be greeted by cactus in the museum’s foyer. Walking to the front desk, we told them we were locals and were handed silver deputy stickers to wear. It was suggested to start on the third floor. Each room of the top floor was brightly colored, displaying art depicting buffalo, native americans, cowboys, and the great frontier in statues, costumes, photos, collages, and of course paintings. The most prominent of paintings greeting us at the entrance was a great scenic view of Mt. Whitney.


Working our way to the second floor, we found the exhibition display of photographs collected by National Geographic. These photos ranged from views of national parks, to rodeos, to reservation pow wows and everything in between. I enjoyed pointing out places I have been including Yellowstone, Carlsbad Caverns, and Yosemite.


After the museum tour, we walked the rest of the vendors noticing local photographers, jewelry, and pottery makers, and of course more food vendors and children’s activities. In addition to the street vendors and glass demonstrations, in Centerway square Friday-Sunday a glass making competition was held called Flame Off. During Flame Off local glass artist could enter to compete for prizes and showcase their work to the public.


When it came close to dinner time we decided to return to Sorges ,our local Italian restaurant, to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our engagement. (see Memorial Day Flashback)

Unknown 8

After dinner we bundled up and headed to the Riverfront Centennial Park for a Rock the Park concert by DSB, a famous Journey tribute band. The park was crowded and people had set up chairs wrapping up in jackets and blankets in spite of the cold. Glow in the dark necklaces were passed through the crowd as children played and friends caught up drinking coffee and eating the last snacks of the day from the food vendors. Luke and I stood in the back singing along the songs we knew and tapping to the ones we didn’t. After a great finish on “Don’t Stop Believin'” (of course they left it to last) the fireworks show started shooting from the bank of the Chemung River.


Although we didn’t attend any other events, Sunday the fun continued with street vendors, glass blowing demonstration, children’s activities in the park, and Flame Off. Monday afternoon Market street was closed again for the annual Memorial Day parade.

Talk about one eventful holiday weekend for Corning!!

What did you do for the long weekend?

Happy Memorial Day!!

I chose to make some BBQ themed Memorial Day treats for Luke to take to the VA sharing a little thank you to his co-workers for serving those who have served.


I found these jet puffed red, white, and blue star shaped marshmallows at the store and thought up a semi-healthy dessert.


You could use watermelon or raspberries instead of strawberries. I found the blueberries were easy to work with but the strawberries were probably a little overripe. It is best to buy berries fresh and make the kabobs right away.


The leftover blueberries and marshmallows were made into more dessert kabobs for our church picnic on Sunday.IMG_3129

Whether you are enjoying a BBQ with friends and family,  celebrating those who have served, or just enjoying a day off from work or all the above have a great Memorial day!

Memorial Day Flashback!

Memorial day weekend is often a time for family, BBQs and of course honoring those who have served our country. But for Luke and I it will also always signify the anniversary of our engagement. That’s right a year ago today we got engaged!

Luke and I had just graduated two weeks earlier with our Masters degrees from APU. Our many friends and family wondered if Luke might propose at our graduation BBQ that afternoon in front of everyone. Fortunately, Luke knew that this would not work for me. I wanted our engagement to be an “us” moment. I wanted us to be able to share the news with family, friends, and facebook on our terms and in our timing.


So back to Memorial day weekend. Many times over we had been invited to Morro Bay to stay with my grandparents for the weekend.  And finally with our Masters degrees over we drove the four hours north to their beach house.

Friday we decided to take some time to ourselves. We pack up some picnic lunches and headed to Montana de Oro State Park. It was a sunny windy beautiful day. Driving through the eucalyptus trees and past the dunes we parked near a trail that followed the cliffs down to the ocean. We took a few relaxing moments to enjoy the view and walk down the trail.


We stopped at a look-out spot where the waves crashed on large rocks on the cliff below. Luke turned to me and said he had an important question to ask me.

Now we had brought up the conversation of engagement and timing many times in the past few months. So when he asked me, “are you ready to get married?” I just had to double check what I was hearing.


Luke joked about saying that ” cheesy line” but before he could launch into it I stopped him. He followed this up by  teasing, “I can get on one knee if you want”. I told him no. He understood that I didn’t like the attention and knows I don’t like being put on the spot so he didn’t expect and immediate response. I took a second to take in the moment. After what was probably an eternity for Luke, I finally said “You knew my answer would always be yes”.


As you can imagine that was followed by a kiss, a twirl, and a big hug. We stood there enjoying the view and the moment until we realized that we were hogging the look-out spot. Not wanting a crowd we decided to walk on down the path and contemplate the huge step we just made towards our future.


Now we knew that the picnic lunch in our car just wouldn’t do. So we drove to Lynn’s Easy as Pie for lunch in Cambria to have quiche and pie to celebrate.


Luke's was raspberry rhubarb and mine was boysenberry
Luke’s was raspberry rhubarb and mine was boysenberry

We then drove back into Morro Bay and toured the Morro Bay Rock. Parking near the docks, we decided it was time to call our parents and share the news.


When we got back to my grandparent’s house we told them the good news too. The rest of the weekend was spent looking at vintage rings online and talking about dates.

Congratulations Tom and Sharolin!


Another weekend and another wedding. This time it is our good friends Tom and Sharolin. Tom has been a good friend of Luke’s for the past three years.

On the far right is Tom Clark (the one getting married) , the best man next to him is also Tom, Tom O'black
On the far right is Tom Clark (the one getting married) , the best man next to him is also Tom, Tom O’black

When Tom starting dating Sharolin, she became part of the friend group right away. The two of us enjoyed quality time talking about life together over coffee. If you remember back to my blog post : favors from friends she was also the hairdresser for my wedding.


Tom just graduated from college so even more congratulations are due! They plan to move from sunny SoCal to the Northwest. (Not far from where I went to college).


Tom and Sharolin, we are so happy for you both. You friendship means so much to us and we wish we could celebrate with you on your special day. We are excited for what your future holds. Wishing you joy and blessings on your wedding day!

Tom and Sharolin cuddling up at our wedding this past fall
Tom and Sharolin cuddling up at our crisp fall wedding

No ring bearer? No problem!

About a year ago when Luke and I considered who to be in our wedding we ran into a problem. The only little boys we knew who were old enough to be ring bearers lived out of state or would not be able to come to the wedding. We didn’t want to put pressure on our out-of-state friends and family who had little boys, some of whom already had wedding responsibilities. So to make planning less complicated, we decided to forgo the idea of a ring bearer at all!

Instead we chose Makayla , a close friend of the family, to be our flower girl and bear both job titles and responsibilities.

Mikayla Easter 2011
Makayla Easter 2011

Makayla is the most intelligent, mature, and fun girl I’ve ever been around. Back in California, the two of us had girl nights watching disney movies, making cupcakes or pizza, and talking all evening.


When I asked Makayla to be my flower girl  it seemed the adults were more excited then her about the idea, but she said yes. So we took her to a store that specialized in formal children’s wear. You could tell she was beginning to warm up to the idea of being a flower girl when she started putting on pretty dresses. Finally Makayla tried on a dress that she didn’t want to change out of.  She obviously felt like a very important princess in it. With no hesitation we bought her the dress knowing she was now ready and comfortable with being the flower-girl.

coloring at my bridal shower

The day of my wedding Makayla patiently sat as her mom did intricate braiding of her hair. I was close by also having my hair done.


When wedding time came, Makayla took on her role like a pro. Dropping flowers from her basket, she went down the aisle with a smile. But her job as a ring bearer meant  she also carried in her basket a wooden box my dad made with our wedding rings in it.


At the end of the aisle she carefully handed the wood box to the best man and walked over to sit with her parents. It all worked out perfectly.


So Thank You Makayla for being an amazing flower girl and being a big part of our special wedding day!!

Congratulations Ashley and Paul!

As I have mentioned before, this is the summer of weddings. Of the five couples I know getting married this month, Ashley and Paul are the only family.


Ashley is technically my 1rst cousin once removed on my mothers side. Sounds complicated but really it’s just that my grandfather and her father are brothers about 20 years apart in age.


Ashley is the only Morse sister wedding I will miss. 😦 We are sad we cannot celebrate with them on their special day.


Ashely and Paul I am very excited and happy for you. You both have the biggest smiles and a contagious joy for life. May you have a wonderful and memorable wedding day. Blessings to you as you start your new life together!