Well spring is finally here. For the first time I feel I truly understand what “april showers brings may flowers” means. We’ve had a few warm thunderstorms during April (yes I am actually talking about the weather) and the grass turned bright green as though someone spray-painted it overnight.


Then the backyard was covering in clusters of blue bells. They are a little wilted now but you should have seen them a week ago!

Also our neighbor has planted yellow daffodils all along the red fence between our yards. Everyone’s yards are filed with daffodils, bright colored tulips, and sweet broom.

I love flowers and gardening. I have always had a green thumb; I suppose it’s Greene now (that one was for Luke). So it has been fun to watch bulb plants pop up as the weather warmed.


As of now I don’t own any plants, not even potted ones.  I wanted to scout out what would survive indoors during the winter and/or outdoors during the spring/summer. In the meantime, I still have my holiday/season tree. For May and June since they aren’t big holiday/theme months I went with “spring”. The mini mason jars are full of blue glass and on the grass and base of the box are red roses made from wax candles. Roses are one of my favorite flowers.


Now the real trees outside are finally starting to bloom and show moss. I have been waiting for green leaves to grow on the trees since we moved here more than 5 months ago! We are looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer.


Happy May Day everyone!

One thought on “Happy May Day

  1. Happy May Day! As your spring flowers are blooming ours are fading. In factk, my tulips are gone and the daffodils left long ago. Soooo today I am planting more flowers out front. Just to encourage me I also bought a hanging pot filled with purple flowers. Take later and post. Love your pictures. Gave me an idea of what outside looks like at your place. Very peaceful!

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