I love me some Feedback

A.Greene’s Adventures has been up and running for awhile now and I am curious. What do you think?

I’d love it if you would be willing to answer a few questions:

1. What A. Greene’s Adventure topic is your favorite? (transcend, transition, transform) Why? Is there one topic you would like to see me explore more?

2. Do you like the layout? What do you like about it: easy access to archives, the blog calendar, search engine?

3. How often/when do you check this blog? Weekly? In the morning? After work? When you see it on Facebook?

4. Have you tried any of my recipes? What do you think?

5. How did you find my blog: facebook, pintrest, wordpress, a friend of a friend?

Comments (even if they are not answers to these questions) are welcome-fire away!

I you don’t want to comment here remember my email address is http://1amanda412@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

P.S. I will return to our “normally programed blog posts” after the vacation. 😉 See you then!

2 thoughts on “I love me some Feedback

  1. I found your blogg on WordPress, I think you follow mine as well. though I am not very good at writing very often. I started following you because we have gone threw very identical transitions in the last year or so. I have continued because I appreciate your honesty of how things have been, and optimism of the future.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback!! I do follow you and enjoy your posts. I am glad that you find my posts to be honest and optimistic. I hope you are doing well adjusting to your new experiences and surroundings.

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