So summer is coming. One day I am getting sun-burnt on a cold windy day at the park, the next I am turning the heat on staring at the rain outside, and yesterday and today have been humid and in the 90’s! As the weather warms up, the desire to use the oven becomes less. So I thought I’d share an easy oven-less meal with you: BBQ Teriyaki Bowl.


Living in the northwest during college I learned to love teriyaki. Even before then, teriyaki night at my parent’s was one of my favorite meals. Now I’ve been working on my own version. The original recipe for the marinade/teriyaki sauce came from a good friend from Japan whom I tutored in English for two years.  I have been using some version of it since. This recipe will feed two and portions are only suggestions.



1 to 2 cups cut broccoli

1 to 1 1/2 cups uncooked minute brown rice

2 to 3 Tbs soy sauce (I use gluten-free)

3 Tbs white sugar or honey

1/8 to 1/4 cup mayonaise or plain greek yogurt


1.  Wash and prepare the chicken breasts

2. Combine soy sauce, mayonaise (yogurt), and sugar (honey) in a small bowl and whisk together. If you are going to substitute the sugar for honey you may want to taste-test to see if you want it sweeter or not. Different people like their teriyaki sweeter than others.

3. Place chicken breasts in large ziplock bag. Pour the small bowl of teriyaki sauce into the bag. Place chicken in the fridge to marinade for an hour before cooking or even over night.

4. Warm up and stick the chicken on the BBQ. If it is raining/cold out and you prefer to cook indoors, you can also pan fry the chicken in a medium pan on high heat.


5. While the chicken is cooking, steam the broccoli and cook the rice. I use minute rice  because I find it easy.


Layer the bowl rice first,


then broccoli


placing the chicken breast on top.


We will also put some sriracha hot sauce and/or more soy sauce on the table in case we want to add it to the bowl.


Then Enjoy!

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