Today June 25th I turn 25, so today is my golden birthday.  And no I do not have any “gold” themed b-day plans. So what am I doing today?


Well this past weekend we celebrated with a day trip to Ithaca (which I will share later ). As for today? I plan to take a walk to the library, pick up a book on my long book list, stop by  Walker Cake Co. downtown and get a b-day treat (probably a cupcake). Then I will head to Soul full cup to enjoy a cup of caffeine and a good read.



Growing up, when it was our birthday we would open up our cards and display them on the mantel above the fireplace for a few weeks. Well right now we do not have a fireplace 😦 . But I have a solution. Awhile ago my parent’s bought me a metal picture holder. Held up by two small nails on either ends, pictures can be held between two metal loops and pinched  in place. When we moved to New York , I decided to use this holder to display cards, pictures, announcements, and invitations much as a fireplace mantel would.

Displaying all of Luke’s B-day cards in March

In seasons where there are no celebrations, I use the space to display advice cards from my bridal shower. At my bridal shower, guests were given time to write on colorful card stock advice for my marriage. They were all handed  to me at the end of the day some signed, some not. So I thought as a nice reminder, I would display these words of wisdom from my female friends and relatives. In the middle I place one of the Christmas/thank you cards we gave out this past year (for more see: invites and thank you cards: communicating with your guests).

Displaying advice cards from my bridal shower

Since we have moved this picture/card holder’s items have changed many times, displaying Christmas cards, thank you cards, graduation announcements, save the dates, and wedding invitations. It is a way to stay connected to family and friends, to remember what is going on in their lives, and to be encouraged they are aware of ours no matter how far away we are.

Displaying my b-day cards as well as my bro’s grad announcement, save the date, and wedding invite

What are you favorite b-day activities or treats?

What do you do with cards and announcements?

2 thoughts on “25 is Golden

  1. My favorite b’day activity is to spend the weekend at the beach!

    Happy B’day! 25 on the 25th. Have a wonderfuly day just enjoying your book and your walk. We’ll be thinking of you. My plan is to Skype. I hope it works out. Many people making plans so I never quit know what we are doing next :>)

    Later, Mom

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