Awhile ago I posted the dress where I shared tips about how to choose the right wedding dress. But just as your wedding location, season, and personal style effect your choice of dress, so also your dress’ details effect choosing your accessories.

The Bling: Jewelry: 



Earrings: My dress was verily simple in design with a few small details with which I drew ideas for accessories. The only real embellishment was a blush sash with pearl and iridescent beading branching into florets. After looking around, I decided to find earrings similar to my sash. So believe it or not I got my wedding earrings from Claires!


You are already wearing an expensive wedding gown and a beautiful wedding ring there is no reason everything has to cost a pretty penny. With blush roses, a hint of sparkle, and touch of gold these earrings matched my sash perfectly. If you have more than one piercing try to use your lowest ear set for interest and the keep rest simple studs. For my nose piercing, ear cartilage piericng, and  second set of earring holes I used diamond studs with gold.Find a detail of your dress and try to keep it in mind while shopping. It can be the pattern, color theme, or dress materials/detailing such as: silver, white, sequins, gold, or lace.


 Consider your normal look: Do you wear a lot of jewelry and if so what type are you comfortable with? Going outside of you comfort zone for this special event is understandable but remember you can be stylish and still comfortably personalize your accessorize.


Bracelet: This jeweled accessory is often skipped because you are carrying a bouquet so few will notice your wrists. I wear bangles on a regular basis so it was appropriate to have at least one bracelet.  I got a free credit at a bridal show for a website with the newest affordable jewelry trends and ordered a bracelet with a clasping silver band and a pearl central offset with half bows on both sides. If you do choose to wear a bracelet I suggest keeping it simple such as a string of pearls or a single band of bling.

Rings: You do not want to distract from your new wedding ring. So my suggestion is to not wear any other rings on your left hand. If you want, wear a simple option or two on your right hand.


Heirlooms: The rings I wore were family heirlooms. One was an opal ring which was passed down from my great-grandmother. My wedding was in October (opal is the month’s birthstone) and it represented my “something blue”. I also wore several simple wedding bands from other great-grandmothers. Last of all, tucked in the pockets of my wedding dress were an old handkerchief from a great-grandmother and a new handkerchief given as a wedding gift. If you have heirlooms to wear, consider their shape and details before buying any other accessories so that they are incorporated into your look.

My henna covered feet day of my wedding

Filling New Shoes: Choosing the right pair of shoes is important for both aesthetic and practical reasons.  If you have a long formal ceremony consider how long you can stand or move in higher heels. If you are outdoors you do not want your heels to airate the lawn with every step down the aisle. If you are comfortable in heels (meaning you wear them more than once a year) consider your dress length and height of your groom.  I rarely wear heels and if i do they are usually wedges so I bought blush leather flats with gold tips.


Shoe tips for bridesmaids and brides: Make sure that you bring your shoes to your dress fitting so that your dress can be properly hemmed. Also wear your shoes at least three times before the wedding. This way you are not getting blisters the day off: break them in!


Hair accessories: Know what hair styles fit your personality, go with your dress, and once again fit the style for the venue. Whether it is a barrette, comb, decorative pins, headband, tiara, or fresh flowers what you choose should once again match/blend with other pieces.


Veil: . My advice: if you are outdoors and it’s apt to be windy: no veil. In doors and more formal: veil. I chose not to wear a veil partly because my wedding was outdoors and partly because I am not a fan of anything blocking my face. Instead of a veil, I chose a thin double headband covered in beading.  Also, it is important to have your hair accessory(ies) with you for a trial run with your hairstylist so you both know how it will all look the day of.


Garter:  Many people opt to make their garter represent their “something blue” or they let the ribbon in it catch their bridesmaid’s dress’ color. I chose to order one from an etsy store, with an element of lace, and pearl it fit in perfectly with all of my other accessories.  I chose also to wear two: one for tossing and one for keeping. (I made sure my husband-to-be Luke knew about this so he didn’t give out two to the crowded bachelors that night.)


 You do not want you garter uncomfortably cutting off the circulation to your leg or making you antsy because it is cheap and itchy. But having some elasticity is important. I gave my thigh measurements to Etsy before ordering, but I lost more weight before the wedding and had to get assistance in between pictures and the reception to get the garter back into place.


Shrugs and Shawls

If you are having a wedding outdoors and/or at night you may want to consider a small shrug or shawl for you and/or your bridesmaids. Although my wedding was in SoCal, the foothills in October got to be pretty cold by reception time. Realizing what the weather would be like, my mom and I went on a last minute trip to pick up an white shrug with gold threading. During some of the wedding pictures I also borrowed an off-white shawl to keep my shoulders warm. When choosing a shawl or shrug consider color and cut. How flattering is with your dress? Because there will be wedding pictures of you and/or your bridesmaids wearing them.


Last important tip: Bring all accessories to your final dress fitting. You cannot drag your wedding dress  with you to every jewelry or shoe store.  So keep your receipts for everything and try it all on to double check everything coordinates the way you want it to.

What are your favorite accessories? Do you have one you wear daily even if it’s as simple as a watch?

One thought on “Wedding accessories: what goes with “The Dress”

  1. I am amazed at all the detail you thought of…not just the venue…but the detail of even what you were wearing in your hair. I wish I had had a blog like this when I was planning my wedding. It would have been VERY helpful. I did not consciously notice all the detail you describe, but I know it added to the overall affect which was beautiful!

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