Last week I gave you the recipe for our some like it hot: kicking mac n’ cheese and awhile back I posted a picture of a new summer time meal: fish tacos (see stars hollow, fireworks, and minions) both use an essential piece: my homemade pico de gallo (which I promised last week I’d share the recipe for).


I make a big batch at the beginning of a week when I have a few recipes I will use it for. Whether it is to top off some chicken or fish, an add in for pasta, a topping for our burrito bowls (recipe will show up for this meal at some point), or a great healthy veggie snack to go with some crackers, pico de gallo has become a standard around the Greene house.


Here’s what I do:

-Get out a large cutting board, sharp chopping knife, and mixing/storing bowl.


Take 1 to 2 green Peppers


-Chop off about a 1/8 of an inch to a 1/4 from the stem top.


-Taking the knife circle around the inside edge of the pepper and pull out the center and seeds.


-Chop the pepper(s) into strips; lay them in rows on their side then dice them into squares.


-Rock the knife back and forth along the pepper(s) dicing them and add them to the bowl.


Take 2-4 medium on the vine tomatoes

– Chop off the stem at the top.


-Slice tomato(s)  into rounds.


-With you thumb and forefinger push out all the seeds. To elevate mess, do this either over a trash can or the sink.


-Layer tomato slices on top of each other and cut horizontal and then vertical into squares.


-Again dice like the pepper(s) then add to the bowl.

Take 1-2 medium white or yellow onions


Without peeling, cut off both tips.

-Laying the onion(s) on one of the flat ends cut it in half.

-Peel the top layers of skin off the onion(s) halves.


– Place the onion(s) on their flat end again and slice into thin wedges.


-Pushing the wedges together turn the onion and slice the other direction.


-Once again dice then add to the bowl.


Option: Jalepenos

I did not use jalepenos in this batch. The longer jalepenos (and especially their seeds) sit in a mixture the more kick they give. If using jalepenos follow the directions for cutting the green peppers and be aware of how many seeds you put in to the bowl, for less heat=less seeds and vice versa.

Option: Cilantro

 Cilantro is great fresh and you can get it at most groceries stores. Pick off the healthiest leaves then dice them. I would only add cilantro if you are going to use all your pico de gallo in one sitting. If you are making a large batch for the week the cilantro will wilt at the least and potentially become slimy.


Once all veggies are diced, sliced, and chopped it’s time to add some flavor:

I add a little olive oil, lime juice, and white vinegar. You can use vegetable oil instead of olive oil or lemon juice instead of lime but I find this to be the best combo.


Last I add some the spices: salt, pepper, and garlic.

I am not providing measurements for spices and oils; my suggestion is start with minimal, taste check, then add more. With too many spices and or oils (especially vinegar) the veggies are apt to dissolve and be soggy if you keep it in the fridge for a few days


The best ways to keep it fresh is either a sealable storage lid or foil wrap.



The pico de gallo takes a little time to make, but it’s great when half the prep. for  veggie sides are done for the week.


What is your favorite veggie topping or side?

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