So short update before I begin sharing the yumminess. This week we have had temperamental internet access and have kept busy decorating, glueing, folding, and as anticipated running to the crafts store again and again. Countdown is now T- minus 2 days until my brother’s wedding!!! Today we transition from work to festivities with a trip to a thank-you pottery decorating class for the bridesmaids and mothers, then onto the bachlorette party. I promise to update with pictures ASAP after the garden wedding this saturday.

Now to the food:  Awhile ago I posted a picture of our homemade fish tacos and promised I would give you the recipe. Well here’s me fulfilling that promise. Luke and I like our Mexican food (see Vacation Highlights part 2). (Ok to be honest: I grew up in SoCal so I really love my Mexican food.) Although we can get some very limited Mexican(ish) dishes here what we can not find is great seafood. So we finally decided to take matters into our own hands by making fish tacos at home. The results: amazing delicious, easy, and healthy tacos!!

 Here’s what we do:



-3 tilapia fillets (defrosted)

-1/4 of cabbage lettuce shredded (or regular lettuce)

-Homemade or store bought pico de gallo or salsa

-Fish taco sauce (recipe included in this post)

-1/4 C Greek yogurt or sour cream

-5 small corn or flour tortillas

-Olive oil

-Lime juice


Prep: If you plan to make homemade pico de gallo you will want to prepare it ahead of time. For our recipe check out: homemade pico de gallo).


Also, you will want to shred your lettuce or cabbage in advanced.


1. To cook the fish: Take the tilapia fillets and place then in a pan on high heat. Add a little olive oil to the pan and season to taste.


We use cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and sometimes Creole seasoning. As the filets cook they should become white and flaky, allow the fish to break apart into pieces-when it does this, it is done cooking.

Side Note: The fish really does not take long to cook so be aware of any side dishes and their cooking times. We keep it simple and heat up a can of black beans.


2. To make the taco sauce: Mix into 1/4 C of sour cream or greek yogurt: cumin, lime juice, dill weed, garlic powder, and if you want some kick a little sriracha.


I do not measure out these spices, best method is to taste-test and see. Do not make the flavor strong with spices and do not add too much salt, the sauce should bring out the flavors in the fish not overpower them.


Once the fish is done cooking it’s time to assemble.


1. First lay out your tortillas. Then place even amounts of the flaky/crumbled tilapia onto each.

2. Then add your fish taco sauce.


3. Next add a layer or cabbage or lettuce.


4. Then any salsa or pico de gallo.


5. Last of all add your black beans or other sides to the plates


Then enjoy!

How do you like your tacos?

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