Well we are finally here! While you are all reading this I am super busy playing the role of bridesmaid and sister to the groom at the Halvorson/Moseng event of the year: My little bro’s wedding!!!


I would have never imagined that my brother and I would be dating our future spouses at the same time and then end up getting married less than a year apart from each other, but isn’t life amazingly crazy!

Setting up and getting ready at my wedding last October

I’m looking forward to sharing snapshots and the beautiful details of this wonderful memorious day as soon as I can.

The attractive couple looking fancy at my wedding


But for those who do not know this great couple, they have been friends throughout college and my brother finally got the nerve to get into a serious relationship with this awesome women by his Jr. year.  Before their college graduation my brother took Stina on a scavenger hunt and proposed. (see?)


They are smart, fun, comfortable being themselves, love the outdoors, music, math and science, and truly compliment each other in every way.


Matt and Stina:  I am such a proud and happy big sister. Enjoy every moment, breathe and take it in, there is no need to rush any of it: it is all about and for you-not more waiting. With much love and blessings I say: congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Halvorson!!


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