Awhile ago I shared with you that with some of my birthday money I bought popsicle molds. Since then I have been excited to try a variety of tasty frozen treat recipes. My cookies n cream pudding pops with blueberries were eaten up quickly (which I took at a good sign). Since then I have made two other new recipes both just as good but lower in calories. These creamsicles are great weekday treats that satisfy my ice cream craving while keeping me in my calorie count.


First new recipe is: tropical banana ceramsciles. They are simple to make and have the potential for many variations.  It’s as easy as: 1. making the creamscile base 2. adding fruit juice 3. adding fresh fruit.


This recipe makes 8-10 creamsciles (based on the size of your forms) if your batch makes 8  creamsicles they are 95 calories each and if 10 then they are 80 calories each.


Tropical Banana Creamsicles


1 C greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)

1 packet dry vanilla pudding mix

1 C 1% milk

1-2 tsp Vanilla extract if using plain yogurt

1 ripe banana

½ to ¾ C. Dole’s Banana Orange Pineapple Juice



1. Cream base: mix together greek yogurt, milk, (vanilla), and dry pudding mix



-transfer vanilla mixture into blender or food processor


2. Fruit Juice: Add Dole’s Banana Orange Pineapple Juice


Variations:  Use straight pineapple juice for a taste similar to Disney’s dole whip (will be pretty sweet). You can add 1/4 C coconut milk to the pineapple juice for a taste similar to a pina colada. Or you can keep it simple by using only orange juice for a more traditional creamsicle or 50/50 bar.


note: mixture will be thick so you will need to pulse the blender or food processor on a low setting until juice is incorporated

3. fruit: cut up 1 ripe banana and blend into mixture


-Spoon or pour mixture into popsicle molds

-Let sit in freezer for a least 4-5 hours


Then enjoy!!!

I made a larger batch and only have 6 molds, fortunately leftover batch keeps well in the fridge in a plastic tupperware container so I can refill the molds as the week goes on.


What are your favorite tropical fruits?

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