Last Thursday Luke and I decided instead of hitting the treadmill at the Y we would go on a walk downtown  to check out Racefever. We weren’t completely sure what Racefever was exactly celebrating.   But we know we live very close to Wakins Glen, a city on the waterfront of Seneca lake that is know for it’s racetrack. As we  walked downtown we found the source for celebration: a poster in a local storefront advertised NASCAR races being held at The Glen August 8-11.  Friday was the NASCAR Nationwide Series Qualifying and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Final Practice, Saturday was the Qualifying and Zippo 200 then Sunday was the main event: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 355.


Luke and I are not huge race-fans but in the spirit of celebrating our local community events we joined the locals crowding on the closed off Bridge St.


Starting down the street you could hear live rock music from a stage next to a rock climbing wall.  Several NASCAR cars were on display drivers sitting at booths next to them signing posters and selling t-shirts.


Alongside these racecars were vendors selling license plates, t-shirts and memorbillia from this year’s NASCAR races, as well as hot wheels and other car themed goods. At the old fashion gas station and car wash by the bridge a small classic car show was also on display. IMG_1105IMG_1111

All the usual food trucks were boasting fried everything, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Making a Racefever debut was the new BBQ joint Luke and I have been meaning to check out: Slammin’ Jammin’ Southern Smoked BBQ.


Luke and I stopped at their BBQ booth and got a sample of their meat and sauces.  Luke was satisfied with the sauce so we decided to walk a block or two over to their main storefront to get dinner.


The front windows advertise a Friday Catfish dinner, Brisket, and Ribs. We walk into the small store front and try to pick out what we want for dinner. They have all the standard sides: baked beans, coleslaw, mac n’ cheese, potato salad, pasta salad, fried, sweet potato fries and more. I ended up ordering a chop dinner ( beef brisket) with a side of coleslaw and baked beans. Luke got ribs with mac n’ cheese and potato salad.


As we waited for our food we took the chance to look around. This small restaurant boasts a simple country, casual,  but clean environment the indicates they are proud of their food and their new establishment. Newspaper articles announcing the opening of their BBQ joint are framed on both main walls. Next to the pick up window they keep piles of local business cards and a small gum-ball jar.


When our food arrived we were happily surprised the sides are portioned to indicate they are sides-not compensations for a lack of meat.  And trust me the meat portions were generous and tender. The meat  fell right off the rib bones and the spicy BBQ sauce was tangy and had a perfect kick. And I don’t want to  down play the sides: they were great on their own and definitely not a side note when prepared in the kitchen.


When we realized I had been given texas toast  Luke offered to walk to the front and asked for a corn muffin, fully prepared to pay for it. Instead he was given two warm ones right from the oven free of charge.  As we left feeling full and very happy with money well spent we said thank you to our host, who obviously is one of the owners. She asked us if it was our first time and after we said yes she voiced her disappointment that we hadn’t tried her peach cobbler.


We love to support local family-run restaurants especially when it is obvious they are passionate and proud about their food and its quality. So if you are a Corning local or just passing through and craving a great BBQ joint: please support a local business and go  or order-in from Slammin’ Jammin’ Southern Smoked BBQ joint on Pultney St.

Have you check out any local events or restaurants recently?

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