So you must think I’d  forgotten my promise to share all the wonderful details from my brother’s wedding. Well, I hope you haven’t lost interest, because I am finally ready to dole out the details.


I arrived late on Friday night July 26th after a day of airport travels. The next day was Stina’s Bridal Shower. That morning was spent catching up with my mom while enjoying some much needed coffee and packing presents for the shower.


Now before I share about the shower, let me answer one question: How do you creatively gift-give for a bridal shower on a budget /when you are traveling across country? 

Answer: Instead of picking off the registry, I choose to create several smaller items.


Item 1: I found a basic pictured frame at Target for less than 10 dollars and filled it with a photo from my brother’s proposal (printed at a local pharmacy)


and their engagement announcement/save the date card.


With a little help from double stick tape and card stock it all came together wonderfully. Since I was traveling via three different planes, I wrapped the glass frame in some bubble wrap and layered it between a few shirts in my luggage. Total cost: 12 dollars


Item 2: Also from Target , in the 1 dollar section I found a small makeup bag/pouch which I filled with relax/spa goodies.


Wedding planning can be so stressful so I thought: why not pack a little pick-me up? I found a sleep mask for 2 dollars, a sample size stress relief lotion from Bath and Body Works worth probably 2/3 dollars.


Then I added in some Yogi detox and stress relief tea I already had around the house. Last touch was a hand written coupon for 2 free massages with an expiration date of the day after the wedding. Total cost: 5 to 6 dollars



Item 3: I found a old fashioned metal recipe tin decorated with red and yellow daises on Etsy for 13 dollars.


My mom and I partnered up to fill the tin with recipes that we know my brother likes. Total cost: 20 dollars including shipping (it can cost less if it’s a joint gift with other family members).


Now to the shower: That evening we piled into cars with all the presents and drove to the Moseng’s family church. The ladies of the church had decorated the room in shades of pink and yellow.


Chairs were lined up to face a windowed wall were a couch was centered for the guest of honor. Tea cups full of lemon drops sat on side tables covered in doilies and mason jars filled with fresh flowers.


A gift table was stationed on the right and a drink station on the left serving tea, and two types of lemonade.


The fun started with a game in which the engaged women in the room had to try to put makeup on Stina’s flower girls while blindfolded. The rest of the women verbally direct the girls as to where to put the makeup.


Following this, a women of the church shared a devotional and prayed for Stina. Then all women  were given the chance to share advice about marriage while Stina’s sister as quickly as possible wrote the words of wisdom down.


After this everyone took a break to enjoy vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cake, and fruit salad.

Both Moms enjoying the shower


While everyone ate, Stina began to open gifts. A system was formed: her sister would write down the gifts, the flower girls would hand me the ribbons to make the practice/rehearsal bouquet, then the mothers collected the gifts or cards.


Stina received many wonderful gifts, tea set from her grandmother, plenty of cooking supplies, and from my mother as she did with me (see Happy Mother’s Day) a homemade quilt in floral blues, yellows, and greens.

Three generations


It was a great start to a week of wedding events and most of all Stina enjoyed every moment of it.

My ribbon bouquet “masterpiece”

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