This past week I shared about my now sister-in-law’s bridal shower (see Stina’s Bridal Shower). Saturday to Thursday afterward was a blur of errands, small details, and quality time with the Moseng family (some of which I’ll share later).

But skipping ahead to more fun, all the bridesmaids arrived in town Wednesday night and Thursday for the Bachlorette party. Similar to the suggestions about creative bridal pary gifts, (see Tell them Thank you) Stina decided instead of giving us a present, she provide us with some quality time making our present.


So all of the bridesmaids, close female friends, moms, and flowergirls (and their Mom) all went to the Dancing Brush Studio, a pottery decorating place downtown Pouslbo. We had reservations for a large table, which the owners decorated with balloons. One of Stina’s bridesmaids had decorated bright blue T-shirts for us bridesmaids and Stina to wear for our girls day out.


We each had our choice of a specific price range of objects to paint. I chose a round mug. Many people chose to go with a theme in the colors of Stina’s wedding.


Mine was unfinished on the outside with blue dots and a blue colored handle. The inside of the cup I painted bright yellow with a blue H for Halvorson on the bottom. I told Stina that every time I use this cup for tea or coffee I will think and pray for them.


It was a enjoyable afternoon listening to folk music and having the place mostly to ourselves. We got a chance to get to know everyone and learn about people’s creative sides as they painted their cups, mugs, and other clay items.


Stina guessed that there were plans for a follow up party but didn’t know what we were actually doing. Stina’s sister Elisabet and I had been planning this over the past weekend, picking up supplies at party stores and pulling the last minute details together. We also somehow mysteriously ended up showing up together and late to the pottery decorating session (so we could secretly decorate for later).


After we were done with our pottery pieces (which would be mailed to us later) the Mom’s and young ones left and it was only us girls. Elisabet had sneakily packed a pretty little lace dress for Stina to wear for her night on the town. Slowly each one of us snuck away also to change out of our art clothes and into some fun dresses and skirts.


With zebra print goodie bags filled with taffy, chocolates, ring pops and mini comb tiaras in hand we went to the nearby downtown coffeeshop. Stina leading the way while wearing her beautiful plastic princess bridal crown, we talked and hung out enjoying the weather outside the coffee shop.


Making Stina close her eyes and spin around, we guided her to our next designation: dinner. We walked her up the steps to this little bistro called Mor Mor  downtown Poulsbo. Mor Mor is a quaint restaurant with an extensive wine list and many delicious dinner options. They had a great selection of soups, salads, small plates, appetizers, and pasta dinners so that everyone was happy.


After an enjoyable dinner, we all piled into cars and carpooled back to the Moseng house. When all the girls arrived they found the dinning room table decorated in pink and black ready for a dessert bar. This particular party was covered in plenty of wonderful sugary treats.


The table was prepped for decorating your own cupcakes. One of Elisabet’s friends had made amazing from scratch chocolate kalhua cupcakes which the girls then decorated with fresh vanilla or raspberry frosting and pink or pearl sprinkles. In the center of the tables were also berry blast Oreos, pink and white mints, new york patties, and watermelon drops (Stinas favorite fruit).


We took our treat and sat down to enjoy watching Stina open her gifts.


After gifts were given, we transitioned to round two of the dessert bar (did I mentioned plenty of sweets) and opened up several types of ice cream and topped it off wtih fudge, carmel, whip cream, cherries (the whole deal).


We then took our frozen treats downstairs where the last phase of the night was to be set up for one of Stina’s favorite movies: Ever After. As several of us quoted along with Drew Barrymore and the rest of the cast (yours truly included) we also discussed the following day: Rehearsal.


Thursday was a break from all wedding planning, focused solely on celebrating with female friends and family.  It was so much fun to show Stina that her “sisters” knew what would be fun, comfortable, and very “Stina” for her last single girls night out.


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