About two week’s ago I shared my second popsicle recipe of the summer (see Tropical Banana Creamsicles). In that post I hinted at trying two new recipes but only gave you one. (Did anyone read that post carefully and notice this detail?) Well here’s the second one.


I happened upon one of those rare occasions where berries were on sale at the grocery store. So I found an excuse to buy some yummy healthy antioxidants: Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles.


As with my other popsicles/creamsicles etc.,  I try my best to make them a treat but not a high calorie dessert. This particular recipe may yield between 6-8 popsicles. If the recipe makes 6 then they are 80 calories each if it makes 8 then 60 calories each etc.



1 to 1 1/2 C 1% milk

1/2 C plain greek yogurt

1 packet dry sugar free cheesecake pudding mix
3/4- 1 C fresh raspberries
Even simpler then my 3-step instructions for the Tropical Banana Creamsicles.
1. Cream Base: mix together greek yogurt, milk, and dry pudding mix
2.  Fruit: fold in fresh (or defrosted) raspberries
note: if you want whole berries then you are better off using fresh. If you don’t mind the popsicle having a stronger raspberry flavor then you can defrost the berries and they will mix in with the pudding more.
Variations: For a few extra calories you can add some chocolate syrup or chocolate chips, use lemon pudding mix instead of cheesecake or 1/2 and 1/2 it, or choose a different berry.
Last of all:

-Spoon or pour mixture into popsicle molds

-Let sit in freezer for a least 4-5 hours


Hint: If popsicles are a little hard to get out of the mold run them under a little warm water while applying pressure to the stick.


Then Enjoy!!!

What is your favorite type of berry? Cheesecake flavor? 

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