It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since my bro’s wedding. I know that our first month of marriage flew by with so many changes and transitions-I know my brother and new wife must be feeling the same way.


Saturday morning, finally the wedding day: I got up bright and early to andheaded to the bride to be’s favorite coffee shop where I filled in a large order for the bridal party’s caffeine needs.By the time we arrived the bridesmaids were up and getting ready.



I spent a good deal of time letting the wedding coordinator pin up my long thick hair. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed considering the days events, everyone was excited and enjoying themselves.

IMG_1319When the groomsmen and groom arrived around 8:30-9:00ish my bro and soon to be sis-in-law  did their first look. I helped watch her lace train as she came down the house steps and around to the bridge over the coy pond.  All the close family and bridal party stood around (but far enough away to not be in pictures).  It was a beautiful moment.


Then all of us crowded back into the house for a late breakfast/early lunch before the wedding. We watched from widows of the house as guests began to arrive and fill up the white chairs in the garden.


During this time the bride was confined to an upstairs bedroom and enjoyed reading child stories to the flower girls. Right before the wedding was about to start, all of the female relatives and bridesmaids gathered  to pray.


The bridesmaids lined up behind the bushes ready for our musical que. The brick path was covered with a white runner. Shepherds hooks with potted fuchsias hung along the path as well as fresh flowers from our Pikes Place trip laid the path.


By the time I walked down the aisle the garden was crowded with people.

IMG_1307Then came the bride in a beautiful lace covered wedding gown smiling all the way.



My brother’s pastor from his college in Oregon was the officiant. As usual the giving away, prayer, and a short sermon were done in front of a beautiful gazebo filled with fresh flowers from the garden. Behind Matt and Stina was a table with a large bouquet of flowers, two candles, and the = family Bible where all marriages have been written down for generations.


The Pastor shared about how love becomes a choice not only an emotion through the years of marriage and on the importance on choosing love and the behavior of love even when it is not easy. We all were handed hymnal inserts and sang among a very musical audience. A wonderful chorus rang out with Great is Thy Faithfulness.


The rest you probably know: the exchanging of rings, the vows, the announcement, kiss, and processional .


Following was an enjoyable time of greeting guests, friends, and family talking together while waiting to see who would leave first for the reception. After some informal photo shots we all started toward the reception downtown Poulsbo.



Coming Next: The reception

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