I have collected many scarfs since college from cheap target finds, second hand shop beauties to international wares from my travels to Italy and countries through the Middle East. The trends of how to wear scarfs continually change but one thing I knew: I was not going to buy more scarfs to fit-in with this  infinity scarf craze. So I decided to find a way to turn my normal scarfs into infinity scarfs. So what did I do?  Here’s my Infinity Scarf Life Hack.


1. Buy a small container of small/medium size safety pins.


2. Lay your scarf out full length on a table, floor, or bed.


3. Place safety pins 2-3 inches apart leaving a 1/2 inch on either end unpinned.


4. Fold your scarf in half.


5. Open your pins and pin through the other side.


6. You should now have on large loop of scarf.


7. To fit to wear, place the safety pinned end at the base of your neck. Twist the bottom of your large loop up around your neck covering the safety pins. Adjust and fluff as needed.


Yep it’s that easy.

So far I haven’t had any issues with the safety pins coming undone and layering the scarf with clothing makes it so no one would even notice you did not buy the scarf that way to begin with.


The greatest thing is if and when the infinity scarf craze ends you can undo your pins and have your old scarf back again!

So are you a big scarf fan too? How do you wear your scarfs?

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