Well this is a first, up until now I have not shared any of my creative writing or poetry on this blog. But today, Christmas Eve, I thought I’d share a new poem I wrote. I was inspired by Reliant K’s Christmas song “Like a Lion” which was inspired in turn by C.S. Lewis’ Lion Witch and the Wardrobe as well as by my mother-in-law’s newest book I edited called Winter Has Passed . Here is The Lamppost: Enjoy!


The Lamppost

I’ve wandered through a long dark winter

A child lost in the snow

The blizzards blind me

The ice cuts to the soul

The winter never ends here

It lingers never melting

The sun never shines

The snow endless, drifting

I wait for Christmas

For joy in the dark cold

For old St. Nick and reindeer

Like all the stories told

But presents never come

No stockings ever fill

I have forgotten: what is spring?

The trees lie dead and still

Until one day after months maybe years

I squint my eyes to see in the distance

A faint small light appears

Is it a star? Will it grant my wishes?

As I come cautiously near

It is a lamppost; that becomes clear

A flaming light protected in glass

Held high by iron metal clasps

I stood in wonder in the glow

I could feel it’s warmth in the blinding snow

And a surprising memory begins to grow

Of a thing I think called:


A smile stretches across my face

As I take in this small space

And in the distance I could almost hear

The sound of jingle bells drifting through the chilly air!

days of snow winter 08 124

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!!

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