Our tree with the family angel topper on it

Today I am excited to have my parents  here to celebrate Christmas with us. This morning we will open stockings in our PJ’s while enjoying coffee and then have our Halvorson style Christmas breakfast of Blueberry Buckle and Smokey Links (or bacon) with scrambled eggs.

Corning Glass museum
Corning Glass museum

We will open presents and enjoy a slow day at home, playing games, watching Christmas shows, skyping family, and looking out at the snowy winter weather enjoying each other’s company.  In Corning New York holidays are purely to be with family so it will be quiet in the neighborhood and we will be making our own Christmas Dinner: steak , green beans, and twice baked potatoes. We have already taken my parents to a few local places including the Corning Glass Museum and on some beautiful drives. I am looking forward to sharing even more of our Christmas events with you soon!

Corning Glass Museum
Corning Glass Museum

Whether you are enjoying a day out on the town, are on the road to be with family, taking a sunny vacation away from it all, or braving the snowy weather I wish you all a joyous Christmas!!

Our dinning table with view of the Christmas Tree

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