I realize it has been several weeks since Easter but as I have mentioned before the pre and post Easter weeks were crazy busy.  For those of you looking for an update here you go:

Thursday before Easter when Luke got off work we quickly got our belongings together and headed to church for a pizza dinner (I had made pasta: see food on the run: spinach mushroom pasta) and prepared for our third Easter preformance. We thought this night would be the least crowded; we were wrong. It was packed so full that our Pastor asked if any one would be willing to give up their seats to come back on Friday. On Friday we repeated the process: Luke got off work and we headed to church for two more performances; both also packed. I have to say it was exciting to see that Disneyland size line waiting to be seated wrapped around the church. By Saturday we were exhausted. Although we had enjoyed participating in the Easter production we were ready for a break from people. That evening we enjoyed grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob; something I haven’t had in months and Luke had been craving for weeks; our first real spring meal.

On Easter we had my homemade hot crossed buns (see hot cross buns) then went to church and came home to rest. We changed into comfortable clothes then went to Market Street to grab some coffee and walk around the half-deserted street looking at closed shops in the sunshine. We came home and I made a new special spring dish: asparagus parmesan risotto.  It was delicious. We enjoyed white wine and catching up on TV shows. For dessert we shared two pints of Ben and Jerry’s: our first time ever buying a container of ice cream since we’ve been married.

Overall it was relaxing but as anyone who has moved away from family knows it’s also hard. Easter has always been significant to me personally but is often the one holiday I am not near family. College spring breaks never fell near Easter and rarely does anyone have time off (in America) to travel back to be with family for Easter.

Luke and I have not yet discovered what Easter traditions look like for us as a couple.  We know how to easily create food traditions since we enjoy baking and cooking but past that most Easter traditions focus around family meals and the younger ones. Even at Christmas time it is easier to find non-food or children oriented activities.

But our church does not host a easter egg hunt so we had no reason to die eggs or fill plastic ones with candy . Where we live family is central and key, stores shut down on holidays and everyone is celebrating together. Although Luke and I are our own family unit it is hard to find activities for just the two of us.

Living in suburbs of larger cities (near LA and in college near Seattle) it was easy to find fellow single or married people who lived/work away from family. On holidays these people tend to  act like a temporary distant (even if dysfunctional) family. But that type of network does not exist here in Corning.

Now I’m not saying any of this to receive pity or concern especially from my family. But one of my aims for this blog is to share my personal experiences transitioning and adjusting to married life away from family. Let me be clear that I am not worried, this is only our second Easter married and we did attempt new holiday activities.

I also know that traditions change with time and  locations. We are creative people-we will figure it out. But this is where I ask for input from my readers:

Any of you single and or  DINKs (double income no kids) live away from family?

How do you find,  keep, or create traditions for Easter?

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