For more history on why I am writing about this topic and my curly hair experiences see Celebrating Curly: My hair part one.

Based on the experiences I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve always been nervous about going to get my haircut, even with stylists who have experience with curly hair. This leads me to my most recent story: Time for a confession: I have not had my hair cut since I got married (more than a year and a half ago).

To give you an idea of how long my hair was at Christmas


Since moving to New York I have made up every and any excuse to not get my haircut. It took years for my mom and I to find someone we liked and trusted to cut our hair in California, and even then we’d drive an hour to get to the salon. So for months I have procrastinated finding someone who can and will cut my very long now damaged and dry curly hair.


Even with it this dry and damaged, many people find it beautiful and beg me to not cut if off. I love that I have long hair, and I will always probably have what stylists consider “long hair” but this is long to the extreme. Consider this, the picture you see of the long dry hair is at least 3 inches longer when combed out and wet; you can now imagine how much work it takes to comb out tangles in the shower and let it dry.


So it is long overdue but  I finally had a hair cut! I went to a local salon that uses a NY city based method I’ve never done before; cutting curly hair dry (not brushed out). It makes sense though, this way the stylists knows and can see each curl and how much it springs up, how it curls, and layer those curls appropriately (just like I do when I prune or trim plants).

When curly hair is wet and or combed out straight; you have not idea what it will look like when it dries! This method has been used by several NY stylists who have popped up in the past 10 years but this specific hair stylists was trained using Deva Curl. It doesn’t take long if you are curious to look up before and after shots of people getting Deva haircuts and the results.

And my results?


My hair is much shorter (but still medium to long) I have more defined layers again but my thick curls aren’t competing with each other ! I am glad I once again have waves and curls closer to my roots where before my hair was too heavily weighed down and straight at the top. And although I cut off a good portion of length my husband approves and is glad to see me happy having the curl back.


I have been using the same hair-care line for the past 10 years and knew I was due to try a change; since the science of curly hair products continues to evolve. So I picked up a demo kit for the DevaCurl line. This includes a non-poo which leaves no lather but adds mostiure and nutrients while still removing build up and dirt. Most shampoos end up stripping more than they should and so with curly hair you are left hydrating and dehyrading your hair every time you shower. I am hopeful these new products will make a difference. I also came with leave-in conditioner; I always use leave-in then comb out my hair in the shower, and a light defining gel. Already it has been nice having the shorter hair, it makes air-drying it so much easier and showers shorter.


I will have to give you an update on how I see the health of my hair change as it can take up to 3 months to see results using Devacurl. I think there’s already improvement.

Until then: What do you like about your hair? How do you style it? What do you struggle with?

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Curly: My Hair Part Two

  1. Your hair is gorgeous, and I like the cut!
    I like the colour of my hair at the moment – although it’s not natural :P. I change the way I style it now and then but at the moment I’m loving DevaCurl as well – I twist the styler through my hair, rather than scrunching as they suggest.
    Struggling with the length at the moment – I like the freedom of the short hair, but I’d like to be able to put it up and try different styles occasionally.

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I understand it’s tough wanting the freedom of short hair and the creativity that comes with having length. Still have found that people with curly hair tend to have their hair grow out faster so it’s easier to change things up.

  2. I’m giving the new products a try also:) It’s been two weeks and so far so good, your dad likes that my hair has a more natural feel and is less frizzy:)

  3. Thanks for the tip. I will also pass it along to Ruth. We’ll see if we can find it here or on line. I never thought about combing my hair out in the shower. Air dry is difficult, because my hair is thick, therefore, it can take ALL day to dry. But I’m willing to try some new things this summer. How did you find your new hairsylist. Driving an hour would be worth it to make my hair livable the rest of the month!

  4. I love the fullness of your hair. The curl is beautiful. You give me hope that I can find someone is this area that knows how to cut curly hair and make the most of the curl. :>)

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