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So I know it has been awhile since I gave you an update. The past two weeks have been pretty crazy and overwhelming. Let me see if I can fill you in.

After my last post “the final trip” we took some time to think through our options and decided we were ready to make an offer on a house. We chose a home near the top of our price range up on a hill in South Dansville that has several acres. We had the paperwork taken care of and made an offer; they came back very quickly saying we were too low. We offered higher but our higher offer wasn’t anywhere close to what they wanted.


We took some time to reconsider then decided to move on to another home: a nice farmhouse with an acre that needed an updated kitchen. We were all set to do the paperwork when our realtor got back to us and said the place was under contract. We were frustrated and disappointed.  So we went back to our first choice and raised our offer again to what we had been told they would accept; they didn’t respond.

So we felt stuck. We decided it was time to revisit our home list with a new angle: look at some homes with less bedrooms or bathrooms, try further distances to work etc. We set up with our realtor to do an unexpected round four of house-hunting this past Monday. On Sunday we drove up to the Dansville for an open house and did some looking around; we found one of the houses on our list was under contract already and the location of some of the others were not very good. We made a few adjustments after our Sunday drive and got ready for another round of house hunting the next day.


This past Monday we got up there early but our first showing had not been scheduled by their realtor. So we had to move on to the next house. These options were no better then our round three if not worse; if they had land, there were issues with the house. If the house was in great condition property was on a main highway with possible flooding issues. If the layout of the house was good and the yard was nice the house reeked of cigarette smoke. None of our round four options stayed possibilities in our mind past the drive back home.


We thought about reconsidering our first option again; raising our price one last time then yesterday we found out it had gone under contract.

So now we are taken a very short house-hunting hiatus; trying to decide what our next move is: round 5 of house hunting? wait it out for something new to be listed? Or are we done with the house-hunting process for awhile; should we rent an apartment and try again 6 month from now?

I will update you when we make our next move.

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