If you have been following my blog for more than a year then you know Luke and I have been sharing my red CRV for the past two years living out here in Corning NY. So far it has worked out pretty well (see post living with one car).

I take the car one or two days a week to run errands dropping and picking Luke up from work. I have been teaching classes at night and doing editing work during the day so there’s never been a time conflict in our jobs to need two cars at once. We had always planned on picking up another car once we got more established here and I began working more.

So when I got the job teaching up in Rochester this fall we realized it was time to get a new (to us) car but we had put off the car hunting until we were done house-hunting. In the mean time my poor little CRV has run into several issues. If you have been following A.Greene adventures from the beginning you would know I had tire problems which led to other car issues including needing some work done on the transmission in April of 2013.

It’s been over a year without issues but this a week ago the transmission was slipping. So we were forced to put the house-hunting aside and take time to find a new (used) car now so we could leave my CRV at the transmission place and still get to our jobs. On Wednesday July 23rd we went to a recommended used car dealership and drove a few options around. Fortunately we found a great option and Luke was able to barter for a decent price which included the cost of taxes and title.

We told the dealership owner about our need to get the new-to-us car ASAP. We drove my CRV to the transmission place and they gave us a ride back home. At home we got the insurance all set up for the newish car and that night the dealer dropped it off  in our driveway with the inspection done and new plates on!! So the Greene’s are officially owners of two cars! Here’s a picture of our new-to-us buy! We know it is as Luke says “old person’s car”. . . but it is in good condition, has traction control, and it will be great for commuting. IMG_3467 As we talked about this last night Luke mentioned the cars need names so we can tell which one we are referring to. We don’t have them chosen yet. All of Luke’s suggestions have centered around the fact the our new gold Chrysler 300M is an “old person’s car”. Any thoughts on what we should name them? IMG_3466IMG_3468

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