I know this past month or two I haven’t kept up my normal posts including my homemade carb-loads: (breads of the month) or local events or festivals. It has been a few recipes or baked goods here and a whole lot on the house-buying there.

So here’s another life-update: We are impatiently in suspense not because we don’t know what’s ahead but because we don’t know how it will all work out. There are so many new elements in our lives come September: new job, new house, new commutes, new schedules and routines, new neighborhood; and all of it is very exciting. Still we have no control over the timing of it all.

We are ready to move (well we are motivated but not packed). We are doing everything we can on our end to push us ahead towards a closing date, which originally on the paperwork is September 12th. But the timeline of activities that need to be done are on a check list on our fridge; and we are barley half way there. We had planned on doing a slow-ish move. Make September our last-months rent and take a few weekends to move over the smaller items in our cars (yes we finally actually have two of them in the driveway) then take one day to rent a smaller truck for the bigger/heavier items. But now? We’re not sure when the real close-date will be.

We are looking forward to our new place. A place of our own to establish. As we struggle to shove pots and pans into cupboards and run out of space in the pantry to store dry-goods and constantly fight de-cluttering the books, shoes, coffee cups, and kitchen counters we look forward to having enough room for tables and desks. When you know something better is ahead it’s hard to maintain contentment with what you currently have.

The uncertain close date of course also means that I am (at least for two weeks) commuting from Corning to Rochester three days a week! Fortunately I’ve done the drive several times now for meetings and the ESL program orientations. And yes I am impatient about the new job. It’s almost fall and I finally have a school to go back-to-school to teaching every week! Of course with a new job comes all of the unknowns of a new facility, co-workers, expectations, and students. But I am hopeful that will all work out well. I’m quickly getting as much prepared as possible working on grading scales, courses calendars, and the lesson plans for the first month or so as I start class a week from yesterday! I know my stress-level will decrease some once I’ve gotten through the first week of teaching at the new location.

So we are in a very brief period of impatient suspense or waiting. There are amazing challenging and exciting things ahead some only in a week others hopefully only a few more but we are ready to get them started. Fall for me is the advent of a new season of productivity and beginnings ( I am and always will be on a teacher-schedule). I can’t wait to see how this fall will go and hopefully by October we will have a routine established and my unpredictable blogging habit will die with the leaves. 🙂

Are you ready to transition to fall? What are you looking forward to in this new season?




One thought on “Impatiently in Suspense

  1. “When you know something better is ahead it’s hard to maintain contentment with what you currently have.” I love this very true statement and it give a picture of what is currently going on in life in many different facets.

    Thank you for the update. I know you have been extremely busy and that your schedule is going to get even more crowded. Remember to leave margins on your pages!

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