So I know it has been more than a month since I have written and I hope in the next few weeks to take the time to explain the many reasons why. But before I do I am excited to say we have finally closed on our house!!

We were supposed to close on September 12th but ended up waiting for the sellers to get a survey done of the property and then for the lawyer we are working with (required for NY state instead of an escrow company) to take care of the title. At the end of every week we waited impatiently to find out if we could set a closing date to sign paperwork.


Then finally last week we got all paperwork in and we could set a closing date. The hard part then was figuring out if I was going to get a sub or if Luke was going to take a half day of work in order to make this happen.  In the end Luke took a half day yesterday from work and we went up to the house around noon to do a final walk through. The roof of the house and front yard are covered in leaves as the many trees on the property and around it are turning a bright yellow then falling to the ground. (I guess it’s time to get a leaf blower and ladder)


We were told originally that the sellers would be leaving some furniture and other items in the house. So we were curious what was left that we would either keep or have to try to haul away. So we were surprised when we arrived to find the house completely bare minus a few curtains. At the same time we were finally able to see the true square footage of the house; it felt so much larger! We also had to rearrange where we had planned in our minds to put furniture now that we could see where the intake and heating vents were in the floors (which were covered by rugs or furniture before).


The only thing missing: the microwave. So overall it went well and we were promised a check to cover the microwave they took. We went to sign paperwork around three back in Corning at the lawyers office. We signed mountains of paperwork, were handed all of our housing information including survey of the property, and most important the keys to the house!


Afterwards reality hit: we have this beautiful empty house that we need to move into! But we did take a small break from planning how to get all of our stuff from point A to point B to celebrate with a late dinner of prime rib.

So that’s the update for now. I promise there is much more to come as I try to catch everyone up on the last -more-than-a-month of my absence including pictures of our first home!

One thought on “Over due Update: Closing on the House

  1. Amanda,

    I am happily excited to read about all the new beginnings going on in your life. Congratulations on the teaching position, the new car, and of course on your new home. The times are always changing and I am so glad things seem to be heading in a positive direction for the both of you.

    Much love and blessings your way.


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