It has been more than two weeks since we closed on the house  and they have been busy ones at that. I apologize for being behind on updates but we are going on our third week without internet at home. So I will try to write/send posts when I can and hopefully by next week I can get back into my writing routine.

About two weeks ago we moved the most essential items over to our new place including our bathroom items, clothes for work for the week, food, cleaning supplies, a basic set of dishes, and chairs and a table to eat at.

As we settled in and started to cleaning  we discovered little items that needs to be fixed or changed.

That sunday night we discovered that the shower in the upstairs bathroom was leaking from the faucet head and the temperature settings had been stuck with room temperature as the hottest. Needless to say that night there were very quick showers. (This has since then be fixed).

The toilet downstairs tended to continue to run after your flushed it so it had been turned off until we could fix it and both toilets took major scrubbing.

The well water was running a little brown for the first cycle and it took running the water a few hours to get it clear and safe to drink. Also, we discovered that the shelves in all upstairs closets do not include a rod to hand clothes on.

Exhausted on Sunday night as we got ready to sleep our first night in the new home we turned off the lights in the house to discover a bright orange glow coming through the windows. A previous owner has requested a government streetlight on the property. We did not understand this but figured we would pay the bill for the first month expecting the light, which is on a timer, would go off before midnight; it did not. So we have called to get the light turned off. Two weeks later and it has not been turned off yet.

We have been changing the lock, scrubbing shelves and walls, removing dusty curtains, peeling off decorative apple decals from the kitchen cabinets and so much more. And of course there is still so much to be done: The light fixtures to all rooms need to be taken down and cleaned out of bugs. The front of the house needs to be pressure washed clean of dirt and spider webs. Speaking of spider webs we need to de-bug the house and of course start to clean out the gutters and clear the many leaves in our driveway and yard. The list feels endless and the dollar signs for supplies we need to do these routine maintenance items are adding up in our head as we wander home depot for the 4th time this week.

Do not take all of this as complaining; any of you who own a home or remember buying your first home I am sure are laughing and nodding in agreement with our experiences. We are grateful for the work, grateful for the house, and grateful for the responsibility. It is a lot to take on but we are doing it and we are doing it together.

We can’t wait to share our progress and of course a few picture (I promise they are coming) and how we are slowly making this house in our new home.

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