Among the craziness of starting a new job, getting a second car, looking for, buying, and moving into a new house I have also been fighting a health problem.

I have not told everyone online about it yet because until a few weeks ago I did not have enough information about what was happening to share with you.

Back in June/July I noticed the base of the front of my neck hurting. Sometimes I would feel a sharp pain on the left or right side of my esophagus and other times my throat would just feel tight even though I could swallow and breath just fine. As this continued I decided to go into the doctors to see what could be going on.



In August I finally was able to make a doctor’s appointment. They told me I had a low grade fever and probably thyrodtitis, which is a general term for an inflammation of the thyroid. They had me do blood work to check my thyroid’s hormone levels including TSH, and T3 and T4. All came back within normal range but they had me go in for a ultrasound of my thyroid anyways.


A few weeks later I went to have the ultrasound of my thyroid. The ultrasound took longer then usual because instead of finding swelling they found several nodules on both my right and left side of my thyroid. Now nodules are like cysts that can be solid or full or liquid. As people get older they tend to develop nodules on their thyroid which is normal but at my age with as many nodules as they found it is usually an indicator that something is wrong. Everyone reassured me that the shape and placement of the nodules did not mean I needed to be concerned about the C word at all. Still I knew something was not right and so did they.

By the end of August I given an appointment with an endocrinologist specialist in Sayre PA for the week of Thanksgiving! I was worried and feeling worse. I was not happy at all the I would have to wait that long. So Luke helped me find someone in the Rochester area who could see me earlier in November.


This is where patience comes into play. As September came and into October I began to feel worse.  I gained weight, I had on and off  low grade fever, I was always exhausted and struggled to exercise. The main sign that this was a thyroid issue was that my hair also began to thin. Now if you know anything about me from past blogs you would know I love my hair.

If You Are Waiting For Your Customers To Call You – You Are Too Late!

So it was hard to wait and wait knowing something was wrong with me and only being able to rest and take vitamins. Some days at work were very long and my mind was foggy. I was struggling more with dyslexia and with remembering small things: what I wore yesterday, ate yesterday. My students were asking me questions about an assignment or when it was due and I couldn’t to answer them right away. This was beyond frustrating especially at a new job.

I had to be patient while waiting; counting down the days to when I would get answers and some movement forward to resolve my thyroid problem.

Well that is step one of my healthy update: coming next: grace and my thyroid where I will share how my endocrinologist appointment went and how I am doing now.

2 thoughts on “Patience and my Thyroid

  1. My prayers are with you. I guess your mom has told you that thyroid problems run in our family. God knows all about that.

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