This is my second post on an update of my health. To read the first part of this blog see: Patience and my Thyroid.


Around mid-November I finally went to see an endocronologist. I had been as patient as possible while counting down the days. Finally, I went to a Rochester hospital to see a specialist. After filling out all the new-patient information I talked to the nurse who inputed the medical history information, then an NP came in and talked with me and looked at my chart, she felt my neck and glands then left to talk to the doctor. I was relieved and impressed that I was seen by three medical professionals all who shared with the next person what they saw in my charts.


The doctor came in and share with me his plan: to put me on a low dose of levothroxine, a hormone pill to help balance people with a hypothyroid (under-active/producing thyroid) and then check my blood work again in two months to see if they need to adjust my dosage. He said that my TSH was a little on the high end even if it was in normal range. My guess based on my symptoms is that number has gone up since the blood work he was looking at was  done in August.

I asked him what could have caused the nodules on my thyroid and he said it is common for those with hashimotos (a specific type of hypothyroidism) to have nodules. He did not say I had hashimotos; he did not make a clear diagnosis, at least not yet, but knows my family history. He plans on doing another ultrasound in 6 months to see if the nodules are smaller with the medication.

I was relieved and grateful to have progress forward after my meeting with the endocronologist.

I was able to pick up the medication over the weekend and have been on it now for almost three weeks. I have had to change my routine a little so I can take it on an empty stomach and hour before eating but it has been worth it. Although they say it takes more than 2 weeks to notice a change I saw changes right away in my energy levels and focus. I have already dropped two pounds and for the first time in a long time I can tell when I am hungry; so I know that this is helping my metabolism along.


During this whole situation I have had to show myself a large amount of grace. I expect a lot of myself as a teacher, as a wife, etc.  With the exhaustion and lack of focus it was hard to keep up with my normal activities of cleaning, cooking, laundry, lesson planning etc let alone helping with packing up the old house and moving into the new one.

Things definitely at times fell through the cracks which I never allow.  But I had to recognize this was not the “normal” Amanda this was the sick Amanda. I needed more sleep, more sitting, I needed more time to do an activity, and I needed to not be hard on myself when I did not accomplished what I wanted to. My husband also showed me grace, helping me out when the routine chores and activities began to pile up or were to difficult for me. And of course I’m grateful for the encouragement, prayers,  and understanding of those who knew what was going on; that makes all the difference.


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