The Dishwasher

Yes we finally have an installed dishwasher! A big package was delivered from Lowes the day before Thanksgiving ready for us to install.


Luke had spent a good amount of time cutting out a hole where the cupboards were previously in order to fit the new appliance.


Then on Thanksgiving via skype Luke worked with is father to connect the plumbing and run the electricity. With a few minor adjustments  we were able to run a tester cycle to check for leaks and had a working dishwasher!


Since then we have added the toe-kick board, some insulation for sound and finished off the wiring. Now all that is left is to replace a board on the side of the dishwasher that is stained the same color as the rest of the kitchen. As Luke says the “cosmetic” work.


But until we find the right stain we have a working dishwasher. It has been an adjustment getting used to using this appliance. I have to remember to rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher instead of letting them pile up in the sink. As you can see I was very happy to put our over-used dish drying rack in the trash pile!


Unless I have a lot of baking we are only running the dishwasher every-other day. It has wonderful features such as a pre-steam that helps to get off all the sticky pieces of the food off the dishes. And of course my favorite is the heat dry so that I can take the dishes out and straight into the cupboards without any drying time. The silverware container comes out easily and so far even my big steel kitchen-aid mixer bowls fit perfectly in the bottom rack.

So far we are happy customers and proud of our first big project in our new house.

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