Almost There

It is my last week of teaching for the year. I am grading final research papers, presentations, and tests this week and after turning them in this weekend then I’ll be done.

Although we have discovered that there are several very nice Christmas tree farms very close to our house we will not be buying or decorating a tree. This is our first year in our plan to “every-other year” travel back to the west coast for Christmas.


This time next week we will be at Luke’s parents house enjoying a Greene family Christmas. We will also be spending a few days with my parents, brother, and his wife at my parent’s new lake home in Florence, Oregon.


Now this doesn’t mean we did not decorate for Christmas. We hung stockings over our fireplace mantel, put up the nativity scene and of course a wreath on the door. New this year we also bought electric candles to put in the window sills; a very popular form of decoration here in upstate New York. My mother also made me some beautiful crocheted and starched snowflakes that we will eventually use as ornaments on a tree. This year I taped them in our front windows.


Last of all we still have a decorated tree: just not one that is alive and smells like pine. If you read my blog last Christmas season then you will know that my dad made both my brother and I wood Christmas trees  out of studs from the home we grew up in in California. It all folds down to a small and easy to pack triangle and when you want to use it it can be pulled around in a spiral to look just like a Christmas tree with a nob at the top to tighten the whole tree in place. This year I chose to decorate it with some small snow flake name tags and green-mini tree ornament with a small angel on top.


Last weekend the holiday baking also began. I made two blueberry buckles one for Luke to take to work for a breakfast meeting and one for me to take to my classes end of the semester party.  The plus from this party is that I had leftover perfect lunch treats for Luke and I.


I also made my chocolate sugar cookies and white chocolate peppermint sugar cookies as well to give away to my students on the last day of class and for both of us to take to work as a Christmas present our co-workers.

We are almost there. Just a few more days and we will be on a plane our way to family in Oregon. It has been a year and a half since the last time we visited the west coast so we are more then ready for a trip back.

What are your family Christmas travel plans?

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