Home Improvement Update

We are slowly making progress on changes to the house.  Old shelving and nails from pictures have been removed from the walls downstairs and the holes filled them in. We also picked up paint for the walls and trim so the next step is to scrub the walls and touch-up paint where it’s needed.

Also very exciting news: the bright orange street light out side our bedroom is gone. The NYSEG came by and took down the pole and all! So we finally moved into our master bedroom.


With some Christmas money we are starting to decorate the house; buying rugs and curtains. It took Luke some convincing that they were more than just decorations. But once he realized the heating bill for our place and that the rugs and curtains can help with insulation he was on board.

We have a wonderful new living room rug. It brings so much more color to the space! And we are waiting for the delivery of thermal curtains for the sliding glass door in the living room and curtain panels for the bedroom.

The piano tuner came back this past week so the piano is now in real working order and Luke is working on creating a workshop space for himself in the back storage/laundry room.

With all of the cold and snow it’s nice to know there are plenty of projects to do in the house while staying warm.

Do you have any winter projects?

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