On Christmas Eve we had a family dinner with all of L’s family and some family friends. We then took naps or watched movies for the rest of the afternoon so we could go to midnight mass. We went to midnight mass as a family and L’s father played guitar for carols before and during the mass.

Early the next morning in our PJ’s everyone opened stockings, then L’s dad put on the Santa hat and started handing out presents. L even took over for a short time so his dad could have a break and open his own presents.


Later in the day the whole family was able to get play time with the niece and nephew and their Christmas gifts.

We left the next day back to New York. Then we had a quiet New Years’ Eve just the two of us. As our joint Christmas present we bought a fondue set. We decided to continue our tradition of cheese and chocolate fondue at home.


It was a relaxing evening. The next day we play some games and enjoyed a nice steak dinner.



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