My husband and I are not huge sports fans so the SuperBowl is often a chance to enjoy the commercials , food, and time with friends. (If there are teams we want to watch or we are invited to a party). This year because of a huge snow storm warning we decided to not go to a party we were invited to.


It’s cold out there right now and we have huge icicles off of our snow covered home.


So we brought the party to us with our own versions of SuperBowl food and watching the game at home. Pre-game we made some blue cheese dip with greek yogurt, lemon juice, blue cheese crumbles, and a little garlic and salt. I cut up cucumbers and celery to go with it.Luke made a milder version of his salsa  along with a nacho dip to serve with tortilla chips.


For dinner I prepped our buffalo chicken bowl dinner minus the rice. I made my pico de gallo, buffalo chicken pieces from chicken breast, and we threw on some extra blue cheese crumbles. (recipe and pictures to come).

It was a great relaxing to wait out the cold and snow and enjoy watching an East Coast team against a West Coast team.


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