We have snow: a lot of snow. We warned L’s brother and his family when they came to visit it would be cold. They said the kids would love a snow day and we said: not a problem. L had to snow plough a driveway and path to the house and we have giant icicles.


The kids got bundled up and out we went. Our acre of yard over this winter has turned into a winter snowy sand box. Feet  of snow enough to do more than 20 snow angels or snowmen if you wanted.


We all enjoyed throwing snow balls, making snow angels, and burying each other in the snow. Or just sitting eating the snow.



Eventually we found the perfect place up behind our house for sledding. L found some plastic tub lids to slide down on but the snow was so sticky it was better to just go down like a slide on your stomach or back.


The boys, all ages, stayed out in the snow sliding down the hill way after the girls got cold and came inside.


While the boys were out sliding my niece and I made pizza dough for dinner. We even had enough dough for her to make garlic bread to take with them on the road trip to New York City.


After everyone warmed up with hot cocoa, we had Greene homemade pizza and played inside. Then for dessert: snow cones. Using our mountain of snow out side I piled up a buck of snow, everyone took a few spoonfuls into their own bowls and sweetened it with local maple syrup, and caramel or vanilla extract. It was the perfect winter treat for a snow day.


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Great story. I am reminded of days of my childhood when we used to spend the day outside playing in the snow and sledding followed by hot chocolate. The snow cones with maple syrup flavoring are a new one to me but what a great idea.

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