March: an overview

Ok so I know it’s been over a month since I’ve posted any blogs. For some reason I’ve gotten out of the writing habit, this includes leaving my journal in the car for a month as well untouched. Does anyone else run into these seasons when  routines need a break? Anyways.

I thought I’d start April with a overview of March because of course I still took pictures and planned on blogging about it all. I will give a the short-version in this post, like an appetizer, then give you the main course later is several other posts with details and more pictures.

Even though the blog was quiet there were still plenty of adventures:


March 11-14th For Luke’s birthday I made him new favorite dinner and of course the Irish Cinnamon rolls. Then over the weekend we explored Rochester’s Museum and Science Center and  a special traveling display on the work of Di Vinci. We also tried out a birthday gift: an expansion to one of Luke’s favorite games.


March 17th- We did our usual St. Patty’s day meal of corn beef and cabbage at home with my homemade Irish Soda Bread.

March 28th- Luke and I went to a local maple farm for an all you can eat pancake breakfast to celebrate the maple season. We also enjoyed a tour of their facilities.


I made maple sugar cookie sandwiches using local maple syrup with a cinnamon buttercream filling for my students to enjoy for Spring Break. Yes a recipe is to come.

March 21st- We went to a Q and A meeting in Rochester for beginners to Orienteering with the Rochester Orienteering Club; which we have joined after attending the Winterfest a few months ago. We found out information we need and ran  errands to be ready for our first meet in April. (more on this to come as well)


March 29th-31st- Luke and I went on a Spring Break vacation to Buffalo for a few days. We explored the Botanical Garden, the Zoo in the snow, and enjoyed the food scene of Elmwood village.


The next day we drove to East Aurora, where we were given an informal tour of the Roycroft Inn and had lunch by the fireplace.


As for the beginning of April? I am finish off my week of Spring Break and looking forward to trying something new for Easter: roasted leg of lamb. (updates to come on this as well).

So since we are catching up-how was your March?

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