First of all I want to thank everyone who has expressed their apologies and sadness for what has happened in the past week with our lab puppy mix Sienna.

We buried her yesterday out on our property below a white flowering plum tree.

Also, we have been in contact with the foster who as of today sadly informed us Sienna was not the only victim of this virus. Two of her litter mates have also died from Parvo as well as one of the others is in critical condition as of right now.

Only two of the six puppies have survived this without problems or complications. We feel terrible for the other families who have gone through this same situation as us, some of whom I am sure had to explain the whole situation to their children.

On the positive side, the foster let us know that the adoption agency is no longer working with the southern shelter where these puppies were probably exposed to the virus.

They also informed us that we can have our money back or when we are ready; can adopt a new puppy without additional fees.

We appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. We would be grateful if you would pray for:

the other families who have suffered the same situation as us

the puppy struggling to survive at the vet right now

the shelter to get it’s act together so animals are no longer infected

for us as we process, grieve, and prepare our hearts for the joy of another puppy in the future

Thank you everyone

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Sienna Update

  1. Praying for you, the other families, the shelter, the foster care, and the new puppy perhaps yet to be born.
    I’d love to see the tree that Sienna is lying under. So glad you did this.

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