The past two weekends have not gone the way we thought or wanted them to. So we chalk them up to lessons learned-lessons I’ll share with you.

Memorial Day weekend, our engagement anniversary, we decided to get a couples massage and go out to dinner. We found a massage place through groupon in the Pittsford area near Rochester. The massage was great, it was afterward things went down hill.

I had taken a two year break from Indian food after a bad cashew curry reaction. But we had another groupon for a Henrietta based Indian restaurant and I thought it was time I finally try again. We were extra cautious with our meal choice we also asked what oils they use to cook with and they reassured us no nut oils were used.

Still I had a few bites of rice, chicken, then I ate a green pepper and my lip started to blister and swell. I know I am not allergic to green peppers, I eat them almost every week. So I knew it was cross-contamination of cashew oil, possibly something was cooked in the same pan etc.

Lesson Learned: No Restaurant Indian food, especially for date night.

The date ended with my husband at Target getting me benadryl and ginger ale.  I will from now on learn to make curries etc. in my tree-nut free home kitchen.

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