Birthday Fun

As some of you know, this past week was my birthday and I know some of you would enjoy knowing what I did to celebrate; beyond online shopping for birthday gifts. (Being the introvert I am I get excited to have packages delivered at home without any malls or answering “can I help you?”.)


The weekend before my birthday Luke took me out to all you can eat sushi at our favorite hole in the wall sushi place in Rochester. I filled up on plenty of spicy tuna  and we shared sake.

Afterwards Luke bought me shoes. Yes my husband bought me shoes for my birthday. We went to the Field and Stream by the mall and Luke bought me my first pair of Chacos. (He has been trying to get me a pair for a couple of years now).


We then headed over to the movie theatre to see Jurassic World, which was surprisingly good. Who doesn’t like a dinosaur action movie with awesome John Williams music?

jurassic world

Realizing the time after the movie we rushed over to our favorite yogurt shop just before they closed. We felt bad making her turn the machines on again which ment a soupy dessert and a few bug bites from eating it outside. Still it was a great birthday date.

very_berry_LOGOOther than this,  I decided also to make myself a few b-day treats. As you should know from reading my blog I enjoy baking and cooking new recipes so making my own b-day treats was fun.


I made lemon cream scones for breakfasts which went perfect with goat cheese and strawberry rhubarb jelly.


I also made shortcake with orange liquor macerated strawberries and homemade whipped cream. (Recipes of all of this to follow). And just in case your wondering, yes I shared my birthday treats with Luke.

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