My Spring semester of teaching ended mid-May, although grading and meetings continued after that life definitely slowed down. Then I thought I’d be teaching a 10 week ESL summer school but enrollment ended up being too low.

So I have this summer off from work. As those with teaching jobs know there is joy and difficulty in having time off in the summer. Summer time gives teachers an opportunity to step back from their work, see the big picture, review student surveys, and see what needs to change for next semester. It also gives time to read new books on the teaching subject, on teaching methods, and attend professional development meetings.

But it also means a lack of routine. I need more to do beyond making changes to curriculum and creating new class activities. I can “relax” without a routine for only so long before I’m caught up on Netflix shows.

House warming: Even though we’ve been living here for more than 6 months a lot of  necessary home maintenance items have come up and home decorating has continually moved to the back burner. Since we’ve had so much rain this month I’ve been able to get L’s help to fill holes, from previous owners wall hangings, touch up paint in the house, and plan house decorating. Even though L cares less about  what I decorate with he is helpful, and more particular about the where. Which is OK because he’s more spacial than I am. Of course decorating projects will be shared as they get completed.

Editing Website: I have been the editor in chief for my mother-in-law who is a self published author for almost 4 years now. I started my own editing business more than a year ago but got busy with a move and new teaching job before I got to the advertising end of things. So I’m taking this summer to get my editing business on it’s feet with designing a website, logo, and making business cards.

VBS/Bible Study: Since I’m not socializing with co-workers on a constant basis I realized I need to get out of the house and with people during the week. I decided to join the women’s Bible Study at our church. It meets on Tuesday mornings so I may not be able to continue in the Fall but it is good to be with these women. Plus we are using one of my mother-in-law’s books for the study. I also have volunteered to help out with our churches’ VBS heading up the missions projects. I will be explaining  to the kids and how they can help raise money or collect cans for humanitarian needs in Nepal and Latin America.

Curb Appeal: We had a late spring and as I said earlier a wet summer but we are finally learning what plants we have in the front yard. I am working to clean up the front yard and garden beds around the house: weeding, cleaning out leaves, categorizing plants, transplanting plants , and buying new plants to add color and interest to our front yard. It has been a great learning experience since I’m not used to working with such moist and shaded ground. (more blogs on this to come).

Garden/Yard: This project L is leading right now. Because we live in a very shaded valley we need to clear trees and brush in order to create sunlight for a garden. L has been working in the yard to kill weeds, cut down trees, and do controlled burns on one of the hillsides of our property to create a garden space. We are hoping for a late summer/fall garden.

So this is how I am staying busy this summer. What are your summer projects?

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