One of our largest projects was cleaning a place for a garden at the back end of our property. In order to do this we had to dig out a satellite dish and it’s wire, tear down a either dog or rabbit house, and clean the area from trash.


Next was the longest project: to clear the hill of trees. L bought a chain saw and cut his way around the area. Then he had several weekends of controlled burns to burn the weeds in our future garden plot and fallen trees.


Once this was accomplished we thought we were almost done! But we live near a rock quarry and our soil is very rocky. So L also got a tiller and tilled the garden plot several times. Then he used a rake to collect rocks to both sides of the garden.


Both of us took many trips collecting rocks and transporting them in a wheelbarrow down to our gravel driveway. Every time L tilled the ground a few inches deeper we had to clear even more rocks.


Finally we did our last round of tilling and rock collecting. L was able to create 5 rows for our garden and then we planted seeds.


Because we are so late in the summer this will be a fall or second harvest garden. We are hoping to get carrots, broccoli, spinach, garlic, and onion before our first frost date. By next spring we will hopefully be able to expand the garden for more rows for a full first harvest.

Besides this the yard looks much more organized now that you can see the boarder of the property and we do not have trees blocking wires, or a view of the hill from the street.

So far we have had a mild August with rain and weather in the 60’s and 70’s hopefully that will bring a good harvest.

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